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Nissin i40 High Speed Sync Flash for Sony Cameras

Nissin i40 Flash for Sony Cameras
Nissin i40 Review by Lavikka Photography
Lavikka Photography shows us the features of the compact Nissin i40 flash on the Sony a6000. The best feature is high speed sync in such a small package. The Nissin i40 was used with the inexpensive Youngnou 560 flash, shown below, to freeze action in daylight - up to 1/4000s.

Youngnou 560 Flash

Save $1200 on Sony a7r with Vertical Grip

Now is the time to buy the Sony a7r. Save almost 50% on the cost of the a7r with the Sony VG-C1EM vertical grip. The MSRP is $2637 while the current deal sells the combo for $1396.


Meike Vertical Grip for the Sony A7 Cameras

3rd Party Vertical Grip for the Sony a7 Cameras
Here is a third-party version of Sony's VG-C1EM Vertical A7-Series Camera Grip by Meike. Their model designation is MK-AR7. It duplicates the front and rear dials, shutter button, and the C1 button for use in a vertical shooting orientation. It provides room for a 2nd battery to extend shooting. It also has a receiver for a wireless remote with timer for time lapse photography.

We have not used this Meike MK-AR7 ourselves but the price is very tempting. The added battery is a plus but we always carry extra. The support provided by the grip is the major feature of this grip. We always have to warn people that 3rd party accessories causing damage to your Sony a7 will not be covered by warranty.

See the video and data sheet below to see if the MK-AR7 will work for you.

How To Import Files from the Sony A7 to the iPad Air

Sony A7S Connected to the iPad Air via USB Camera Adapter
Noah Leon shows us how to connect the Sony A7s to the Ipad Air in order to transfer the images or movies for editing on the go.

On the Sony A7, set the USB connection to MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) by going into the Menu, Toolbox, screen 4, 1st option.Connect the USB cable to the A7 (turned off) and the Apple Lightning to USB Adapter to the iPad Air.  Connect the cables together.Turn on the A7 and the Photos app on the iPad will open.  Click Import on the Photos app.Start selecting the images and videos and press Import again to begin the process.
In the video below, Noah continues to show how he edits video files on the go using the Pinacle Studio app on the iPad.

Movcam Sony A7 Cage Review by News Shooter

Movcam Cage for the Sony A7
News Shooter gets a hands on review of the Movcam cage for the Sony A7 family. Read more at

Wired Remote for Sony A7 Cameras

Wired Remote Cord on Sony A7
Sony A7r HDR Timelapse with Wired Remote
Equipment required:
Sony A7 CameraGeneric Wired Timer Camera Shutter ControllerSony Multi Terminal Remote Cable

Sony A7 Camera Settings:
Aperture Priority (shutter speed will be varied)ISO 100Remote Control: ONDrive Mode: Continuous Bracketing, 3 or 5 shots, EV Range?Manual Focus

Remote Timer Settings:
DELAY:  Set countdown timer to when 1st shot is taken.LONG:  Set to time longer than total time for all bracket shots.INTVL:  Time between bracket intervals.N: Set to number of bracket sets required.

Sony A7 Wired Intervalometer Hack

Sony A7 with Sony RM-VPR1 Wired Remote Control with Multi-Terminal Cable
Atte Henriksson posted a video of his wired intervalometer hack for the Sony A7. He uses a Sony RM-VPR1 to activate the A7's shutter by wire. He then connects the RM-VPR1 to a generic intervalometer timer and deed is done. He can now control the A7 by wire to take timelapse photography.

Unfortunately there is no wiring diagram but it should be simple to find out which contacts activates the shutter signal from the RM-VPR1 and which wires are the output of the intervalometer timer.

Sony A7 Wired Intervalometer via Sony RM-VPR1
Click here to see the wired intervalometer on the Sony A7 video.

Thanks Atte Henriksson

Now if we can just figure out a generic multi-terminal USB.

Here is another cable that we may work instead of the RM-VPR1. We haven't tried.

Sony VMCAVM1 A/V R Adapter Cable

Must Have Sony A7 Accessories

Sony A7s with Movie Accessories

You may need all the accessories pictured above for you A7 but we pared down the essentials needed accessories and they are pictured below.

Extra batteries are a must. We never let the camera/battery run down to 0%. Change the battery before you miss a shot.

The A7 cameras can be charged using the supplied USB cable but it's nice to have an external battery charger.

Protection for the rear lcd screen. Avoid problems down the road.

The adaptability of the e-mount A7 cameras means lens adapters. Grab a few of these lens caps to keep those adapters sealed.

Use the fastest memory card you can buy for the A7 camera. 24mb or 36mb of data is a lot to move.

The A7 comes with a smart phone remote app but it is not as versatile as a wired or wireless remote.

3D Models of Sony NEX-7 and A7R

Sony NEX-7 3D Rendering by Humster 3D

Check out these 3D renderings of the Sony NEX-7 and the Sony A7R. The 3D rendering of the Sony digital cameras are made by Humster 3D. These are only the 3D files not actual models. The files would then be processed by a 3D printer to produce a solid model in many materials and colors. We have not bought any of these files so we can't attest to their quality.

Sony A7R 3D Rendering by Humster 3D

Check out Humster 3D for more information on the Sony NEX-7 or the A7R 3D model.

More DSC-RX1 Hands On with CameraDiner

Video by CameraDiner
CameraDiner was a Photokina 2012 and was lucky enough to get a hands on with the Sony DSC-RX1. The RX1 was not a functioning unit but it still gave a good impression. It felt heavier than was expected. The RX1 lens hood, thumb grip, and Zeiss optical viewfinder was also on hand for the demonstration.

Thanks CameraDiner!

$40 off NEX Fisheye Conversion Lens VCL-ECF1

Here's a nice deal if you have the E-mount 16mm f/2.8. The Sony VCL-ECF1 fisheye converter for the 16mm provides a 180° field of view. The VCL-ECf1's regular price is $150, it is available from Amazon at $110.

The picture below by CrepeFace shows the VCL-ECF1 attached to the 16mm lens next to the 18-55mm OSS lens.
16mm with VCL-ECF1 vs 18-55mm OSS Lens

Thanks CrepeFace!

Sony NEX-7 Wired Shutter Release Mod

Sony NEX-7 Wired Shutter Release by Trunk at

Trunk contacted us again with his new mod. This time it's a wired shutter release for the Sony NEX-7. It was about a year ago that we posted Trunk's wired shutter release for the Sony NEX-5.

If you are using the NEX-7 in modes other than P,S,A, or M the wireless Sony NEX Remote will not work and the Self-Timer is also inaccessible.  Trunk has the solution for the NEX-7.  He goes through a step by step procedure on modding the NEX-7 for a wired shutter release.  The process is very complex and will void your warranty.  Do it at your own risk or contact Trunk as he may offer the modification service.

 Check out for Trunk's NEX-7 wired shutter release.  Here are some pictures by Trunk showing the insides of the NEX-7 and the finished product.

Images by Trunk at
Thanks Trunk!

Sony NEX-C3 USB Stick

Sony NEX-C3 USB Stick

Here is a nice USB stick from Sony. Unfortunately this is not available for purchase according to alsotyCheng. He was lucky enough to receive it as a gift.

Below is the real NEX-C3.

Thanks alsotycheng!

Sony NEX 30mm Hood on 16mm Pancake Lens

Sony 16mm Pancake with ALC-SH113 Hood
Are you looking for more flare protection for your Sony 16mm f/2.8 E Pancake lens? The 16mm pancake does not come with a lens hood but Alphaman came up with a solution. He used the ALC-SH113 hood from the Sony NEX 30mm Macro Lens on the 16mm Pancake. The provides full coverage from the side and has a rectangular cutout in the middle. The 16mm and the ALC-SH113 hood does not cause vignetting. The combination looks great.

Photos by Alphaman of 30mm Macro Hood on 16mm Pancake

ALC-SH112, the flower petal hood for the 18-55mm OSS E-mount lens will also work with the 16mm pancake but it does not provide the same coverage as the ALC-SH113 hood.

Thanks Alphaman!

Sony NEX-7 RRS L-Plate

Sony NEX-7 with RRS L-Plate Mount

Here is a nice accessory for your new Sony NEX-7. The L-plate from Really Right Stuff (RRS) provides a stable mounting platform for the camera in the landscape and portrait orientations. The need to tilt the tripod head for a portrait shot is eliminated with the L-plate meaning more stability.

Here is Really Right Stuff's description of their L-plate.
L-Plate Set for Sony Alpha NEX-7. This modular L-Plate mates beautifully with the new NEX-7 camera. This custom L-plate was designed to fit Sony NEX7's ultra-thin body as snugly as possible, but still make room for opening and positioning its LCD panel. The gap below the LCD screen provides clearance for the screen to be tilted up or down; with L-plate installed, you can still hold the camera over your head and swivel the screen so that it can be seen from below.

LCD clearance for tilting

Check out RRS for more details on the Sony NEX-7 L-Plate.

Replace Sony NEX LCD Protector

eviltig shows us how easy it is to change the LCD protector of an NEX camera. The standard plastic protector peels off, although the "booger is on there." Clean any residue and stick on the glass lcd protector. Below are the before and after pictures of this modification.

Sony NEX with Standard LCD Protector
NEX with Aftermarket Glass LCD Protector

Thanks eviltig!

Underwater NEX-5 Photos by Scott Evans using a Nauticam Housing

Here are some great photos by Scott Evans using the NEX-5. He has taken his NEX-5 to the waters of the Red Sea and Gibraltar protected by the Nauticam NA-NEX5 underwater housing.

Here is a video of the Nauticam NA-NEX5 housing in action.

Sony NEX-5 with Nauticam Underwater Housing Video

Don't worry NEX-5N users, there is an NA-NEX5N underwater housing.

Nauticam Housing for the NEX-5N

Check out more of Scott Evans' NEX-5 photos at

More info about the underwater housing at Nauticam USA.

Thanks Steve!

Sony NEX Essential Accessories

So you're ready to order your new NEX camera, what else do you need to complete your kit? Here's a list of essential NEX accessories which each kit should have.

What you need in your NEX kit.Class 10 SD Memory Cards - You will definitely need memory cards for you NEX - it will not come with one. We suggest using high speed and high quality SD cards for maximum photo and video performance. It's also a good idea to get multiple cards instead of just one high capacity card in case a problem occurs.
Extra Sony NEX NP-FW50 Battery - your NEX camera will come with a battery but if you plan on shooting for a whole day, it's always good to have a backup.
Sony NEX E-mount body cap and rear lens cap - your NEX camera will unfortunately not come with a body cap or a rear lens cap. It's a good idea to have the caps available for storage purposes. You can easily separate the NEX body from the lens and it will make for a very compact package to carry. If you buy E-mount lens …

Sony NEX-5N Unboxing Video

Let's see what comes inside a new Sony NEX-5N with 18-55mm OSS Lens Kit. The video shows the following contents of the NEX-5N Kit.
Software DiscWarranty CardInstruction ManualAccessories CouponLens and Accessory GuideFlash with Case
Shoulder StrapBattery ChargerW Series BatteryUSB CableLens HoodLens Cap18-55mm OSS LensNEX-5N
Sony NEX-5N with Optional 55-210mm OSS Lens