Sony NEX 30mm Hood on 16mm Pancake Lens

sony nex 30mm hood 16mm pancake

Sony 16mm Pancake with ALC-SH113 Hood

Are you looking for more flare protection for your Sony 16mm f/2.8 E Pancake lens? The 16mm pancake does not come with a lens hood but Alphaman came up with a solution. He used the ALC-SH113 hood from the Sony NEX 30mm Macro Lens on the 16mm Pancake. The provides full coverage from the side and has a rectangular cutout in the middle. The 16mm and the ALC-SH113 hood does not cause vignetting. The combination looks great.

sony nex 30mm hood 16mm pancake

sony nex 30mm hood 16mm pancake

Photos by Alphaman of 30mm Macro Hood on 16mm Pancake

ALC-SH112, the flower petal hood for the 18-55mm OSS E-mount lens will also work with the 16mm pancake but it does not provide the same coverage as the ALC-SH113 hood.

Thanks Alphaman!

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