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Myth Busting with a Full Spectrum Sony A7R

Sony A7R with Clear Filter and Voigtlander 12mm Ultra Wide Heliar Crops
Sony A7R with Stock Filter and Voigtlander 12mm Ultra Wide Heliar Crops
Will replacing the standard Sony A7R's ifrared cut-off filter with a clear filter improve rangefinder lens performance? Compare the images above from genotypewritings to see what your conclusion is. Read more about the full spectrum Sony A7R at genotypewritings.

Sony NEX-6 Infrared Conversion by

Sony NEX-6 Disassembled for Infrared Conversion
Wiebe from uploaded his Sony NEX-6 infrared conversion tutorial video and here it is. Check out 4:59 for a surprise.

Visit for a more detailed NEX-6 disassembly and infrared conversion tutorial.

Thanks Wiebe and IR-Photo!

Sony NEX-5 Near Infrared Video by Bob Trongone

Here's an interesting application for the Sony NEX-5, infrared video. The camera was converted to see near infrared while keeping all of the functions of the NEX.

IR I-78 by Bob Trongone

Details from Bob T's Vimeo

Infrared footage of Interstate 78 West seen in eastern Pennsylvania.
Capture device: A Sony NEX-5 modified to see near infrared.
Filter: MaxMax X-Nite XDP

IR NY17 Bob Trongone

Thanks Bob T!

Wireless Sony NEX Video Record via Infrared

NEX-7 Video Record via Infrared Remote by Lucky Luke

One thing missing from the Sony NEX remote is the ability to trigger video recording on the camera. Well a few people have found solutions. Below is eglijeg's solution using a Harmony Remote. He outlines the steps and they have been confirmed to work by other people. We do not have a Harmony Remote to test it, maybe someone can find a solution for a Comcast Remote.

I got this to work fantasically with a Harmony 890 though.

Some of you have figured out, there is already the NEX-5 as a device in the Harmony programming software. It is under VCR. This has all of the standard remote buttons programmed in it. Add this device to your remote in the harmony software program (don't update your remote yet though if you want the record feature to work)

Next, in order to get the video record button log into first, then go to…

Broadband Infrared NEX-3 Images by Thor L.

Broadband Infrared Converted NEX-3 Sample

Thor L posted some very interesting shots from his Sony NEX-3. The NEX-3 was modified into a broadband infrared camera. The infrared cut filter on the NEX sensor was replaced with clear glass. The autofocus system was also modified to focus correctly in infrared.

Check out more interesting images from Thor L.

Tempus NEX Sony NEX Intervalometer Remote

Here is the Tempus NEX, an intervalometer infrared remote for Sony Alpha cameras including the NEX. The Tempus NEX was created by and will be available on June 15th according to the Tempus NEX website. The Tempus NEX will cost $69, we're not sure if that includes worldwide shipping, it is being made in Portugal. Send an email to if you are interested in this intervalometer for time lapse movies.
Here is a sample time lapse movie by made with the Tempus NEX and a Sony NEX-5. The Tempus NEX will work with Sony Alpha cameras with IR remote receivers, e.g. A900 and SLT-A55.

Unfortunately the NEX-5 does not go into sleep mode when it is in Remote Shutter mode. The screen will be on and draining the battery while waiting for the IR signal. Have extra batteries ready when doing intervalometer shots.

We are hoping that the next firmware will allow us to turn off the screen as an option.

Sony NEX-5 gentLED Auto Intervalometer

Sony NEX-5 Time Lapse Video using gentLED Auto Intervalometer by xironmonkyx

Here is another intervalometer for the Sony NEX-5 for creating time lapse videos. It is a gentLED Auto infrared trigger. Here are the main features of the gentLED Auto:
Variable delay from 2 seconds to 30 minutesBuilt-in on-off switch and battery (included with unit)RED LED indicator when the unit has triggered the cameraWeighs only 0.6oz, 18g (including battery)Comes complete with velcro pads, and Operating Manual - all you need to take picture

Here is the operating manual for the gentLED auto. Check out Gentles Limited for more info on the gentLED auto.

Unfortunately the NEX-3 does not have an IR receiver.

Full Spectrum Sony NEX-5 Video

Here is a video from a Sony NEX-5 that has been converted for full spectrum photography, which means the sensor is now sensitive to Ultraviolet, Infrared, and Visible light. The colors in the video is the result of using an Fuji Film SC 58 filter on the Full Spectrum Sony NEX-5.

The conversion was done by Invisible Light Technology.

Check out surrealcolor for more info on full spectrum photography.

Thanks falseirir!

Check out the IR Converted NEX-5.

Sony NEX-5 Disassembled for Infrared Photos

PG took the scalpel to the Sony NEX-5 in order to the remove the Infrared filter for Infrared Photography. Let's see what's inside the hard candy shell.

Cracking the NEX-5 shell.
NEX-5 Control wheel.
NEX-5 Main Board (top).
NEX-5 Chips.

NEX-5 main board (bottom).
NEX-5 Sensor Heat Sink.
Removing the NEX-5 Infrared Filter.

More sample infrared photos by PG.

Check out more sample Infrared photos from the NEX-5 by PG and the NEX-5 disassembly gallery. Thanks PG!