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Sony A7 Trade In Deal is Sweeter

Save $545 on the Sony A7r
The previous trade in deal saved us $460 from the MSRP of the a7r. The new trade in deal from Adorama is sweeter since the MSRP of the cameras are lower by $200.

Sony a7 MSRPs Reduced by $200
What this means for us is a savings of $545 on the Sony a7r body, $500 on the a7 + 28-70mm lens bundle, and $455 on the A7 body only. You can also add in the trade in value of your old camera for more savings.

The Sony A7 trade in offer from Adorama expires by the end of the year.

Make sure to add items from our post on essential Sony A7 accessories.

Sony A7 with 28-70mm Lens

How Good is the Sony 28-70mm FE OSS Lens?

Sony A7 Kit with 28-70mm Lens

iso.light wanted to see how good the Sony 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 FE OSS Lens was. In order to test this he compared the lens against the Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS Lens

from iso.light:
So the question arose: should I get the Zeiss 24-70mm zoom lens? What improvements would it bring over the kit lens? Is that really worth 1200$?

Well, you tell me! Here are some comparisons pictures, all shot with a tripod and the OSS turned off. The same focal length and other settings were selected on each lens (at least that’s what the EXIF says) and I tried to change the lenses as fast as possible between the shots.
There are 5 pairs labelled A & B, in no particular order. I’m interested to see which picture you prefer? They all have been edited inLightRoom with exactly the same settings for each pair (note that no lens correction was applied as LR5.3 has no profile for the Zeiss yet). There are no right or wrong answers, you can either try to guess the …

Sony A7 and A7r Hands On with DigitalRev

Sony A7r Weather Sealing Test with 28-70mm FE Kit Lens
Kai Wong of DigitalRev Plays with the Sony A7 Cameras
The new Sony A7 and A7r cameras are featured on Digital Rev with Kai Wong. The A7's 28-70mm FE Kit lens was used on the A7r and produced "stellar" shots. The A7 and A7r's focus systems were compared. The water resitance was also tested using the A7r and the 28-70mm kit lens. A Leica 50mm f/0.95 Noctilux-M ASPH was used to show how adaptable the E-mount is. The focus peaking display was nicely featured. In conclusion, Kai was impressed with both cameras, "Sony has created a product of desire."

Sony A7r Focus Peaking with Leica Noctilux
Sony A7r Rear LCD Water Resistance

Sony A7 Kit

Download Sony A7r Manual in PDF

Here is the owner's / instruction manual and quick user guide for the Sony Alpha 7 (A7) family of cameras. The A7 and A7r share the same manual so read it twice to see what applies to your new baby. Below shows what will come with your Sony A7.

What's in the Sony A7 / A7r / A7K Box?
Download the Sony A7r quick user guide via dropbox here.

Download the Sony A7r instruction manual in PDF via dropbox here.

Pre-order your Sony A7 here.

Thanks Sony Australia!

How Big is the Sony A7r?

Sony A7 vs NEX-6 Size Comparison
Or should we say, how small are the new full frame mirrorless cameras from Sony?

Sony A99 vs A7 Size Comparison
Sony A7 Kit with 28-70mm lens

Sony A7R with Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2.8 Sonnar