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Sony A7R High Speed Sync and Wireless TTL via Godox X system.

Godox HSS Flash Setup on the Sony A7r II by Greg T.
Here is another option for High Speed Sync (HSS) and Through The Lens (TTL) metering for the Sony Alpha camera system. The video shows HSS using the new Godox 2.4G Wireless X system for Sony cameras with the Multi-Interface hotshoe. The following Godox components are shown in the video.
X1S TTL Wireless Flash TriggerThinklite TT685S (Sony) TTL FlashThinklite TT600S (Sony) FlashWITSTRO AD360 bare tube flashXTR-16 Wireless 2.4G Remote Control Flash Receiver. Seen on the right side of the AD360.

X1S TTL Wireless Flash Trigger on the A7RII
TT685S TTL Flash for Sony M-I hotshoe.
TT600 Flash
Wistro AD360 Bare Tube Flash
XTR-16 USB Wireless Flash Receiver
Learn more from the Godox TT685S website.

We are still making do with a Sony F43 and F20 unit as used in the above shot.

Sony A7 Wired Intervalometer Hack

Sony A7 with Sony RM-VPR1 Wired Remote Control with Multi-Terminal Cable
Atte Henriksson posted a video of his wired intervalometer hack for the Sony A7. He uses a Sony RM-VPR1 to activate the A7's shutter by wire. He then connects the RM-VPR1 to a generic intervalometer timer and deed is done. He can now control the A7 by wire to take timelapse photography.

Unfortunately there is no wiring diagram but it should be simple to find out which contacts activates the shutter signal from the RM-VPR1 and which wires are the output of the intervalometer timer.

Sony A7 Wired Intervalometer via Sony RM-VPR1
Click here to see the wired intervalometer on the Sony A7 video.

Thanks Atte Henriksson

Now if we can just figure out a generic multi-terminal USB.

Here is another cable that we may work instead of the RM-VPR1. We haven't tried.

Sony VMCAVM1 A/V R Adapter Cable

Sony A7r with Konica Hexanon 57mm f1.2

Sony A7r with Konica Hexanon 57mm f/1.2 shot by NEX-7 with a Leica 60mm Macro-Elmarit-R
Here are some of our test shots from the Sony A7r and the Konica Hexanon 57mm f/1.2 lens. The lens was mounted on the A7r using a Konica AR lens adapter. We wanted to test out the lens at f/1.2 the whole time and it was fitted with a 4X ND filter to battle the sun. The 1/8000 shutter speed and 50 ISO of the Sony A7r helped at times as well.

The Konica 57mm played very well with the A7r per our standards. All the shots were handheld as we rarely use a tripod. The focusing, at such a shallow depth of field from the large f/1.2 aperture of the lens, was manageable on the A7r. The weight of the lens would make us think twice of walking around with it but the results are hard to argue with. The details shown at f/1.2 is remarkable even at the outer edges of the shots.

100% crop of the shot above shows great detail.
Not a technically perfect shot.
Red Pail Pops.
100% crop of the shot above at the top …

Sony NEX-7 Wireless Flash In Action

Sony NEX-7 with 18-200 OSS Lens and a Wireless Flash Trigger by Litrbooh

Here are a couple of videos showing the Sony NEX-7 wirelessly triggering studio flashes. The NEX-7 has a standard Sony hot shoe and with a FA-HS1AM Hot Shoe Adapter it becomes adaptable with most wireless remote flash trigger systems. We are not sure what the exact system is use in the video. This should answer some questions for those who want to use a NEX-7 with remote flash triggers.

Sony NEX-7 Wireless Flash Trigger by AlexMerkSony FA-HS1AM Hot Shoe Adapter
Sony E 18-200 mm OSS Lens

Thanks Litbrooh and AlexMerk!