Sony A7 Wired Intervalometer Hack

sony a7 a7r a58 wired shutter intervalometer

Sony A7 with Sony RM-VPR1 Wired Remote Control with Multi-Terminal Cable

Atte Henriksson posted a video of his wired intervalometer hack for the Sony A7. He uses a Sony RM-VPR1 to activate the A7's shutter by wire. He then connects the RM-VPR1 to a generic intervalometer timer and deed is done. He can now control the A7 by wire to take timelapse photography.

Unfortunately there is no wiring diagram but it should be simple to find out which contacts activates the shutter signal from the RM-VPR1 and which wires are the output of the intervalometer timer.

sony a7 a7r a58 wired shutter intervalometer

Sony A7 Wired Intervalometer via Sony RM-VPR1

Click here to see the wired intervalometer on the Sony A7 video.

Thanks Atte Henriksson

Now if we can just figure out a generic multi-terminal USB.

Here is another cable that we may work instead of the RM-VPR1. We haven't tried.

sony wired shutter release timer

Sony VMCAVM1 A/V R Adapter Cable

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