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fstopacademy takes the A7S flying

Sony A7S in an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Photo by Den Lennie of fstopacademy

Check out fstopacademy's hands on review of the Sony A7s to see the A7s in various shooting conditions including flying in an unmanned aerial vehicle.

Nice place via NEX-5N on Hexacopter

Nice place by ak&fpv

Great video work with the Sony NEX-5N on a hexacopter by ak&fpv. Calming and soothing.

Check out other videos by ak&fpv.

NEX-7 Flying in Bermuda with Quadrocopter

Sony NEX-7 on a Cinestar 6 Hexacopter UAV

Quadrocopter / GravityShots takes us around the island of Bermuda courtesy of the Sony NEX-7 mounted on a Cinestar 6 hexacopter. You can see what this rig looks like here. The video was captured using the 18-55mm OSS lens and is at 1080p and 60 frames per second.

Check out quadrocopter for more information.

Thanks GravityShots!

NEX-7 at ISO 3200 on a Hexakopter

Jeff S. sent us an email to show the latest Sony NEX-7 video by Gravity Shots. Gravity Shots placed the NEX-7 on a Cinestar Hexakopter and went night flying. The camera was set to ISO 3200, and shutter speed at 1/25, to shoot 1080 and 24 frames per second. The 18-55mm OSS lens was set at max aperture.

The footage and the house looks great. The continuous autofocus and image stabilization makes for a smooth looking ride.

Here was Gravity Shots first footage of the NEX-7 on a Hexacopter.

Find out more at

Thanks Jeff!

Gravity Shots Takes the NEX-7 Flying

Image has a new weapon in its UAV arsenal - it's the new Sony NEX-7. They mounted the NEX-7 on a Cinestar 6 hexacopter and took it for its maiden voyage around a lovely compound. Maybe trying to see if Santa was on the roof?

The lens on the camera is the much maligned 16mm Pancake. The video settings were: "1080 60P, manual at 1/125, f9, iso400, auto focus, WB at cloudy and Vivid for scene."

Sony NEX-7 secured in a Cinestar 6 Hexacopter UAV

Get more info at

Thanks Gravity Shots!

Gravity Shots Takes the NEX-5N Flying

Sony NEX-5N on a Cinestar 6 Hexacopter UAV

Jeff from Gravity Shots emailed us about his new aerial video rig. Here is a test footage shot with the NEX-5N on a Cinestar 6 hexacopter unmanned aerial vehicle. We believe the 16mm pancake lens was used. The NEX-5N was set to shoot in 1080p/60p in Vivid mode.

So what is a Cinestar 6 hexacopter? See it being built below.

How To Build a Cinestar 6 Hexacopter UAV

Check out for more information.

Thanks Jeff!

Sony NEX-5 Gaui Quad 330X UAV

SeismicWave is testing out his new aerial photography UAV which is a TSH Gaui Hobby Corporation (Gaui) 330X-S 4 rotor flying machine with the Sony NEX-5 and the 16mm pancake lens.
Here is what he wrote:
I stuck the Sony NEX-5 on the Gaui quad. It maxed out the weight limit at 1070 grams. I am using the stock 16 mm f2.8 lens and a 3S 2500 mah pack. Video quality is pretty good though. My pack is not very good so internal resistance is pretty high. It is only using 1000 mah after 5 1/2 minutes.
The Gaui 330X-S is only $400 which is fairly inexpensive for all this technology and the unique vantage point it provides for aerial photographers. We really need one of these UAVs for the NEX-5 just for the fact that it looks like a lot of fun to fly.

Gaui Quad 330X-S Flyer Kit with Scorpion Motors

Gaui Quad 330X-S Review by RCGroups

For more info check out SeismicWave at

Sony NEX-5 Droidworx Microcopter UAV

J. Scholl shot this video with the Sony NEX-5 mounted on a Droidworx AD-6HL (Heavy Lift) UAV. The NEX-5 and the 16mm pancake lens provides high quality images at very minimal weight. Hopefully firmware v04 will allow us to shut off the lcd screen of the NEX when shooting to extend battery life.

Here is our previous post of another NEX and microcopter in action.

Droidworx AD-6HL Frame Only

Check out quadrocopter for more info.

Sony NEX-5 Helicopter Rig in Action

Here is the Sony NEX-5 with the 18-55mm OSS and the mikrokopter octocopter we posted about earlier and this time it's in South Africa. Benny Rebel took his NEX UAV to capture images from a very different angle, straight down from the sky. The NEX UAV footage begins at 1:51 and it looks like the wild animals are as interested in the NEX as we are.

Sony NEX-5 Helicopter Rig for Wildlife Photography

Benny Rebel, wildlife photographer, is using the Sony NEX-5 for his helicopter rig. He refers to it as the Octocopter for it's eight propellers. Since the NEX has the biggest sensor size to weight ratio with interchangeable lenses, it's the most logical choice for the job. We believe it's the 18-55mm OSS is being used. There are no details yet oh how he is aiming or triggering the NEX-5.

The octocopter is a mikrokopter.

Mikrokopter Oktokopter
Thanks enjoyyourcamera!