Sony NEX-5 Helicopter Rig for Wildlife Photography

Benny Rebel, wildlife photographer, is using the Sony NEX-5 for his helicopter rig. He refers to it as the Octocopter for it's eight propellers. Since the NEX has the biggest sensor size to weight ratio with interchangeable lenses, it's the most logical choice for the job. We believe it's the 18-55mm OSS is being used. There are no details yet oh how he is aiming or triggering the NEX-5.

sony nex camera helicopter rig octocopter

The octocopter is a mikrokopter.

mikrokopter oktokopter camera rig

Mikrokopter Oktokopter

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  1. Great! Who is the manufacturer of the Octokopter? What model is it? thanks

  2. Sounds like a pack of bees. I would love to find the plans for something like that.

  3. As a filmmaker, I to have been very intrigued by multirotor aerial platforms for shooting. There is alot of info, and I mean a lot over on

    I believe with extensive practice and dilegence you can eventually get it;)
    I have recently joined the legions and purchased a trilogy tricopter to use with a gopro HD.

  4. As mentioned in the text above, the "Octokopter" being used here is a so-called "Mikrokopter" and can be found at


    The development is by Holger Buss & Ingo Busker

  5. A Co-Worker of mine built a Tri-Copter and I shot some video with my NEX-5. The Youtube video upload quality is not nearly as good as off the camera, but pretty good. Check it out here. Same "buzzing bee" sound.


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