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NEX-5R Tokyo Time Lapse by gsuraki

Miniature Tokyo by gsuraki
Here's an interesting use of the PlayMemories Time Lapse app available for both the NEX-5R and NEX-6.

Thanks gsuraki!

Discounts on Sony NEX Cameras

Image from Map Camera
The current line of NEX cameras are currently on discounts. It's a great time to buy and learn your cameras during the cold days of winter and be ready for spring.

$200 off Sony NEX-7 Cameras
Sony is offering a $200 discount on Sony NEX-7 cameras. The NEX-7 with 18-55mm OSS lens is now $1,148. The MSRP is $1349.

The NEX-7 body only is now priced at $998. The MSRP is $1199.

$100 off Sony NEX-6 Cameras
Sony is offering a $100 discount on Sony NEX-6 cameras. The NEX-6 with 16-50mm Power Zoom lens is now $898. The MSRP is $999.

The NEX-6 body only is now priced at $748. The MSRP is $849.

$100 off Sony NEX-5R Cameras
Sony is offering a $100 discount on Sony NEX-5R cameras. The NEX-5R with 18-55mm OSS lens is now $648. The MSRP is $749.

The NEX-5R body only is now priced at $548. The MSRP is $649.

The new Sony 20mm f/2.8 Pancake is also available for pre-order at $348.

NEX Cameras and Lenses Firmware Update February 2013

Sony has released seven firmware updates for Sony NEX cameras and lenses. Here is a quick summary of the changes.

Sony NEX-7 Camera Firmware v1.02
Support for 16-50mm Power Zoom lens, image compensation and mechanical retractionAdds auto-exposure bracketing ranges of 1.0EV, 2.0EV, and 3.0EVImproves indication for using the "Flexible Spot" settingImproves image quality when using a wide angle lensImproves response for showing auto review imagesAdds the capability to enable or disable the MOVIE button
Sony NEX-6 Camera Firmware v1.01
Support for hybrid af compliant lenses: SEL1018, SEL35F18, SELP18200, SEL30M35, SEL50F18, SEL18200LE
Sony NEX-5R Camera Firmware v1.01
Support for hybrid af compliant lenses: SEL1018, SEL35F18, SELP18200, SEL30M35, SEL50F18, SEL18200LE
Sony NEX-5N Camera Firmware v1.02
Support for 16-50mm Power Zoom lens, image compensation and mechanical retractionUpdates the RAW data format version. After installing this update, distortion correction of RAW data…

Sigma 60mm DN Lens for Sony NEX Cameras Announced

Mockup of Sigma 60mm on NEX-7
Sigma is adding a third lens to their Digital Neo series for E-mount cameras. It is the 60mm f/2.8 macro in native E-mount. The lens is similar to the one found in Sigma's new DP3 Merrill.

Here is Sigma's description of the 60mm DN.Sigma 60mm F2.8 DN- Featuring the natural perspective of mid-range telephoto lenses, together with a shallow depth of field, this lens allows the photographer to capture a single part of a subject with great bokeh effects. It has an angle of view equivalent to 90mm on the E-mount system (35mm equivalent focal length). The minimum focusing distance is 19.7 inches; the maximum magnification is 1:7.2. This lens also contains Special Low Dispersion (SLD) glass, which helps minimize axial and transverse chromatic aberration.
Mockup of Sigma 60mm on NEX-5R
Sigma Corporation announces four new lenses at CP+ Camera and Photo Imaging Show 2013
YOKOHAMA, Japan — Jan. 29, 2013—Sigma Corporation of America a leading researcher, dev…

New 20mm Pancake Lens for NEX Cameras

New 20mm f/2.8 E-mount Lens for Sony NEX Cameras.
Here is the new E-mount lens from Sony. The 20mm f/2.8 pancake lens, part number SEL20F28, from Sony is a native E-mount lens which means full compatibility, autofocus and auto-aperture, with all the NEX cameras. The 20mm pancake is 20mm in depth, the 16mm pancake is 22.5mm in depth. This means a slightly more compact package on NEX bodies, see the NEX-5R with 16mm below. The lens will provide an equivalent fov of 30mm when used on the APS-C sensor.

The SEL20F28 20mm pancake lens will sell for $350 and will be available in April of this year. It makes the $250 16mm pancake seem like a bargain.

NEX-5R with 16mm Pancake.

20mm Pancake (SEL20F28) Technical Specifications Sony SEL20F28
20mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens Lens Mount Sony E-mount Lens Configuration 6 groups, 6 elements Focal length (35mm equivalent) 30mm Aperture blades 7 Aperture Range f/2.8 to f/16 Maximum magnification 0.12x Min. focusing distance 7.9 in (0.2 m) Filt…

NEX-5R Kit for $649 on Black Friday

Sony NEX-5R Kit for $649 on Black Friday
Here is the only NEX specific Black Friday ad that we found. Best Buy will be selling the Sony NEX-5R kit, camera and 18-55mm OSS lens, for $649 next week on Black Friday. They are also including a bag and a memory card with the kit. It is a $100 over the standard price at Best Buy.

Amazon is currently selling the NEX-5R body only for the same price.

Here is the NEX-5R User Manual, a good read while you are plotting on how to acquire the NEX-5R on the US's busiest shopping day. Good luck!

Download Sony NEX-5R Manual in PDF

Sony NEX-5R Parts ID from User Manual
Here is the unofficial Sony NEX-5R manual from the FCC filing. The Sony NEX-5R is a NEX-5N with an additional control wheel and function button from the NEX-7. The NEX-5R also has a new 16.1 MP sensor, WiFi for PlayMemories Camera Apps, rear lcd touch shutter, and hybrid autofocus. The rear LCD touch screen flips 180° for self portraits similar to the NEX-F3.

Saving Images to Computer via WiFi using PlayMemories Camera Apps
Touch Shutter Function on Sony NEX-5R
Click here to download the unofficial Sony NEX-5R User Manual. This is subject to change without notice.

Sony NEX-5R Intro Video
Sony NEX-5R with 18-200mm OSS Lens

Create Cinemagraphs with Sony NEX via PlayMemories Apps

Create Cinemagraphs with Sony NEX Cameras
The PlayMemories Camera Apps website posted a new app teaser that will be coming out later this year. Sony calls it Cinematic Photo but it's widely known as cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are still photos with minor movement and is usually displayed as an animation. The video above shows a cinemagraph of pouring from the PlayMemories Camera Apps website. Everything is still with the exception of the flowing orange juice. PlayMemories Camera Apps are available on the Sony NEX-5R and the NEX-6.

Create Cinemagraphs with the Sony NEX-5R or NEX-6
Check out the PlayMemories Camera Apps teaser website and see the cinemagraph in action.

Here are some cinemagraphs from Jamie Beck & Kevin Burg - not made with the Sony NEX.


NEX Canon Lens Autofocus Adapters Coming?

Canon 50mm EOS Lens on Sony NEX-7 with AutofocusHere is a second video showing a NEX camera controlling the autofocus drive of a Canon EOS / EF lens. The lens used was the Nifty Fifty, Canon 50mm f/1.8 on a Sony NEX-5 and a NEX-7.

The new NEX-5R with a hybrid autofocus system (Phase Detection and Contrast Detection designed for speed and accuracy) should improve the autofocus speed shown in the video. Canon's EOS-M mirrorless compact camera uses the same hybrid autofocus system.

Our assumption was wrong - the Canon stepper motor (STM) lens is not necessary for the NEX to control the Canon autofocus drive. The Canon EOS to NEX adapter with AF drive shown can control a standard EOS lens. The Canon EOS-M requires an EOS M Mount adapter to drive the same lens.

If you have Canon EOS lenses and want a light, compact camera to use them on - this seems to be the best option so far.

Canon 50mm EOS Lens on Sony NEX Autofocus Drive from MX Camera

It's only a matter of time when these Ca…

Sony NEX-5R vs Fujifilm X-E1

Sony NEX-5R vs Fujifilm X-E1 (front view)
Fujifilm announced their new X sersies camera dubbed the X-E1. It shares the same 16.3 mp sensor with the Fujifilm X-Pro1. The X-E1 is a smaller, lighter X-Pro1 without the hybrid viewfinder. The X-E1 only uses the electronic viewfinder from Sony.
Let's see how the Fujifilm X-E1 compares to Sony's new WIFI wonder, the NEX-5R.

CombatantsSony Alpha NEX-5RFujifilm X-E1Number of effective pixels16.1 million pixels16.3 million pixelsCCD SensorAPS-C CMOS Sensor
23.5 x 15.6 mmAPS-C X-Trans CMOS Sensor
23.6 x 15.6 mmCrop Factor1.5x
(50mm lens = 75mm FOV)1.5xISO Range100 - 25600200-25600
Lens MountSony NEX E-mountFujifilm X MountFlange Focal Distance18 mm17.7 mmFocusing25 Point Contrast Detect AF
99 Point Phase Detect AF
and Manual Focus49 Point Contrast Detect AF
and Manual FocusImage StabilizationIn Lens - OSS
(Optical Steady Shot)In Lens - OIS
(Optical Image Stabilization)Shutter Speed30s to 1/4000 with Bulb Mode30s to 1/4000 with Bulb ModeContinuo…

NEX-5R Smart Remote Control App in Action

NEX-5R Smart Remote Control App in Action from IDG

Use your tablet or phone as a viewfinder.

Here is a better look at the Smart Remote Control App for the new Sony NEX-5R. The app is available via the PlayMemories App store for the NEX-5R. The matching app will be available on iTunes and the Android Market for your phone or tablet.

NEX-5R PlayMemories Camera Apps Demo Video

NEX-5R PlayMemories Interface
PlayMemories Camera Apps Demo VideoSo how does the PlayMemories Apps work on the Sony NEX-5R? Here is a video from Sony Australia showing the whole procedure from connecting to the PlayMemories store via WiFi, selecting a new PM App, downloading wirelessly, and installing the PM App on the NEX-5R.

Installing PlayMemories App on NEX-5RHere are the PlayMemories Apps that we already need:
Time Lapse - no need for an intervalometer, separate units from Canon and Nikon are over $100.Smart Remote Control - view what the camera sees from your phone or tablet and control the shutter.Bracket Pro - for the HDR (high dynamic range) junkies. Let's hope it allows for +3 / -3 EV range in multiple steps.We hope that all the apps are available in all shooting modes. I can already see all the HDR time lapse movies coming from the NEX-5R with PlayMemories Apps.

NEX-5R Time Lapse Mode via PlayMemories App

Smart Remote Control for Wireless External Display
Check out the Pla…

Sony NEX-5R Review by TechRadar

Sony NEX-5R Preview by DigitalCameraWorld

Here is summary TechRadar's review of the Sony NEX-5R.
refinement of the NEX-5Ndownloadable apps enables customizationnew hybrid AF (phase + contrast detect) works welladded dial and function button improves experienceRead the full Sony NEX-5R review at TechRadar

Pre order the NEX-5R at Amazon.

Sony NEX-5R Hands On Video and Images

Sony NEX-5R Hands On Video

802.11 b/g WiFi Enabled NEX-5R

Here are the new features of the Sony NEX-5R:
802.11 b/g Wifi Enabled camera which uses PlayMemories Camera Apps to upload and share photos, picture effects, camera control, picture editing, live view from a phone or tablet, and more.Fast Hybrid Autofocus system uses phase detection and contrast detection to acquire fast and accurate autofocus.Touch screen shutter, tap and shoot.Pre order the NEX-5R with 18-55mm Lens for $749

180 Degree Flip Screen fron NEX-F3

NEX-5R with Removable Flash

NEX-5R with 16mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens

Navigation Dial from NEX-7

NEX-5R Video by Sony

Pre order the NEX-5R at Amazon.