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Sony NEX-F3 Kit at $350

Sony NEX-F3 with 18-55mm OSS for $350
The Sony NEX-F3 kit is currently $350 at Sears. The deal is only available at actual brick and mortar stores. Go to the Sears website and check for local availability. The current price of the NEX-F3 kit at Amazon is $459. Who can argue with a savings of over $100? This is a nice backup for your current NEX setup.

Sony NEX-3N Camera with PowerZoom Lever

Sony NEX-3N Promotional Video
Here is Sony's latest temptation for point and shoot users. The NEX-3N is the fourth generation of the entry level NEX cameras. The NEX-3N has a zoom lever, similar to point and shoot cameras, that controls the Sony 16-50mm PowerZoom interchangeable lens. There is also the Sony 18-200mm PZ lens which can be controlled by the NEX-3N. The NEX-3N is the first NEX camera to support the new “TRILUMINOS Colour”. TRILUMINOS Colour along with a BRAVIA TV with TRILUMINOS Display will provide expanded palette of vivid, ultra-realistic colours when videos and still images from the NEX-3N camera are played back.

The NEX-3N will sell for $499 with the 16-50mm Power Zoom lens.
Super-compact interchangeable lens APS-C camera weighs just 210gNo-fuss self-portraits with 180° tiltable LCD screen and zoom leverLarge Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with 16.1 effective megapixels and high sensitivity, for detail-packed, low noise photos and Full HD videoBeautiful composition…

NEX Cameras and Lenses Firmware Update February 2013

Sony has released seven firmware updates for Sony NEX cameras and lenses. Here is a quick summary of the changes.

Sony NEX-7 Camera Firmware v1.02
Support for 16-50mm Power Zoom lens, image compensation and mechanical retractionAdds auto-exposure bracketing ranges of 1.0EV, 2.0EV, and 3.0EVImproves indication for using the "Flexible Spot" settingImproves image quality when using a wide angle lensImproves response for showing auto review imagesAdds the capability to enable or disable the MOVIE button
Sony NEX-6 Camera Firmware v1.01
Support for hybrid af compliant lenses: SEL1018, SEL35F18, SELP18200, SEL30M35, SEL50F18, SEL18200LE
Sony NEX-5R Camera Firmware v1.01
Support for hybrid af compliant lenses: SEL1018, SEL35F18, SELP18200, SEL30M35, SEL50F18, SEL18200LE
Sony NEX-5N Camera Firmware v1.02
Support for 16-50mm Power Zoom lens, image compensation and mechanical retractionUpdates the RAW data format version. After installing this update, distortion correction of RAW data…

Download Sony NEX-F3 Manual in PDF

Sony NEX-F3 Parts and Controls

Here is the Sony NEX-F3 instruction manual in Adobe PDF. It provides descriptions of the cameras controls, basic operation, and general usage recommendations. The NEX-F3 manual in PDF can be previewed and downloaded here via Google Drive.

USB charging for NEX cameras introduced with the Sony NEX-F3, shown below.

Sony NEX-F3 USB Charger and AC Adapter

The alpha manual for the Sony NEX-F3 provides further instruction on using the camera. The alpha manual shows how to use the extensive features of the NEX-F3. The alpha manual for the NEX-F3 can be previewed and downloaded here.

Below is a new feature for the NEX system introduced by the Sony NEX-F3.
Sony NEX-F3 Auto Portrait Framing

Some picture effects available on the NEX-F3.
Sony NEX-F3 Picture Effects

Meet NEX Junior Sony DSC-RX100

Sony DSC RX100 vs Sony Alpha NEX-F3

Here is the new Sony DSC-RX100 aka NEX Junior. The RX100 is an enthusiast fixed lens compact camera with a 1" sensor, 4x larger than the average point and shoot. The camera comes with a fast Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar 3.6x optical zoom lens, 28-100mm f/1.8-4.9. The RX100 produces 20.2 megapixels JPG and RAW images with native ISO range of 125-6400. It can also captures 1080p HD Video at 60 frames per second.

We dubbed it the NEX Junior since it shares most of the features with the NEX system cameras in a smaller and lighter form factor. Here is a quick comparison between the DSC-RX100 against the new Alpha NEX-F3.

Sony DSC-RX100 vs NEX-F3 Rear View

CombatantsSony Alpha NEX-F3Sony DSC-RX100Number of effective pixels16.1 megapixels
4912 x 3264 pixels20.2 megapixels
5472 x 3468 pixelsCCD SensorAPS-C CMOS Sensor
23.4 x 15.6 mm1" Type CMOS Sensor
13.2 x 8.8 mmCrop Factor(1.5x) 18-55mm Lens
= 27-82.5mm FOV(2.7x) 10.4 - 37.1mm Lens
= 28-100mm FOVISO Ran…

Sony NEX-F3 Pre-Order $599 Kit

Sony NEX-F3 Hands On Video
The Sony NEX-F3 Kit is available for pre-order for $600 with the 18-55mm OSS Lens. The F3 will be available mid June. The video above shows the new features of the Sony NEX-F3:
16000 ISO max for low light photos.New image processor.
Full HD 1080/60i or 24p AVCHD videoAuto Portrait Framing180° tilt self portrait lcd, Built-in flash.Clear Image Zoom.470 shots per charge.USB Charging.
Smart Terminal II for FDA-EV1S Oled Viewfinder.Comes in Black, Silver, or White.

The new Sony 18-200mm OSS LE lens is also available for pre-order. It's smaller than the original 18-200mm lens and is clad in black. It will be available in early July 2012.

Sony NEX-F3 Front, Rear, Iso ViewNew Sony 18-200mm LE Zoom Lens with OSS

See more Sony NEX-F3 pictures from our previous post.

Sony NEX-F3 3rd Generation Mirrorless Camera

Sony NEX-F3 with 16mm Lens
It's hard to believe that a 3rd generation NEX body is available. The 16.1 mp Sony NEX-F3 continues the lineage from the NEX-3 to the NEX-C3 as an entry level interchangeable lens mirrorless camera. F can either stand for "flip" for the LCD screen, which is a first for the NEX system. F can also stand for "flash", which is now built-in similar to the flagship, Sony NEX-7.

The NEX-F3 introduces USB charging for the NEX cameras. This will make your travel kit smaller since the battery charger is not necessary. A wall socket to USB adapter can be shared with other electronic devices.

The NEX-F3 also introduces Auto Portrait Framing which identifies the model's position and trims the scene to produce a pleasing portrait composition. Self portraits are easy with the new flip screen.

Clear Image Zoom doubles the effective magnification of the lens using Sony's Pixel Super Resolution Technology. Another new feature for NEX camera…

Sony NEX-F3 Sneak Peek

Sony NEX-F3 16.1 Megapixel Camera
bibogue at dpreview posted a sneak peak at the upcoming Sony NEX-F3.  It looks like the 16.1 megapixel APS-C sensor from the NEX-5N will make it's way into the NEX-F3.

F stands for flash? We're not sure but the new F3 comes with the same pop up flash button found on the Sony NEX-7, seen below.

Sony NEX-7 Built In Flash Guide Number=6
We are not sure whether an accessory evf will be compatible with the NEX-F3.

Here are the specs of the Sony NEX-7 flash which most likely will be the same for the NEX-F3.
Flash Type : Built-in, Pop-up AutoGuide Number : 6 (in meters at ISO100)Recycling Time : Approx. 4 sec. The NEX-F3 replaces the NEX-C3 and the NEX-3 before that. The NEX-C3 and NEX-3 came with the HVL-F7S flash which was attached atop the body via the smart accessory terminal.