Sony NEX-F3 3rd Generation Mirrorless Camera

sony nex-f3 mirrorles aps-c camera

Sony NEX-F3 with 16mm Lens

It's hard to believe that a 3rd generation NEX body is available. The 16.1 mp Sony NEX-F3 continues the lineage from the NEX-3 to the NEX-C3 as an entry level interchangeable lens mirrorless camera. F can either stand for "flip" for the LCD screen, which is a first for the NEX system. F can also stand for "flash", which is now built-in similar to the flagship, Sony NEX-7.

The NEX-F3 introduces USB charging for the NEX cameras. This will make your travel kit smaller since the battery charger is not necessary. A wall socket to USB adapter can be shared with other electronic devices.

The NEX-F3 also introduces Auto Portrait Framing which identifies the model's position and trims the scene to produce a pleasing portrait composition. Self portraits are easy with the new flip screen.

Clear Image Zoom doubles the effective magnification of the lens using Sony's Pixel Super Resolution Technology. Another new feature for NEX cameras.

Video resolution is now 1080p/60i or 24p, up from the NEX-C3's 720p resolution.

The NEX-F3 is compatible with the FDA-EV1S electronic viewfinder for the NEX-5N.

The Sony NEX-F3 Kit with 18-55mm lens is $600 and is available for pre-order for a June 2012 delivery.

sony nex-f3 mirrorles aps-c camera

Sony NEX-F3 180 Degree Flip LCD

sony nex-f3 mirrorles aps-c camera

USB Rechargeable Sony NEX-F3

sony nex-f3 mirrorles aps-c camera

Sony NEX-F3 Built in Flash

sony nex-f3 mirrorles aps-c camera

Sony NEX-F3 with Black 18-200mm OSS Lens

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