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Download Sony a7rIII Manual Preliminary

This is the manual for the new Sony a7r III / mark 3 46mp full frame camera with touch screen. We think this is a preliminary copy since it does not match the menu of the cameras we played with at Photo Plus Expo. We still think it's enough to feed those waiting for their a7r III pre-orders.

Download the a7r iii manual via Dropbox.

So what comes in the box if you bought a body only a7r III?

Accessories included with Sony a7r III

So here is the discrepancy in the manual, under Shoot / Drive Mode, Px. Shift Multi Shoot is missing. I hope the next revision will have better detail on Pixel Shift shooting.

Here is the Shoot Mode / Drive 1 menu on a pre-production Sony a7r III showing the Pixel Shift option.

Pre-order your a7r III from Amazon and support this site.

In case the Dropbox link dies, here is the Google link for the a7r III owner's manual.

Download Sony a5100 Help Guide Manual

Sony a5100 Identifying Parts

Here is the Sony a5100 Camera User's Guide / Owner's Manual in HTML format. You can use any browser and the links will be live making it easy to jump from subject to subject. We suggest that you read this to take full advantage of your new Sony a5100.

Below shows what the standard accessories are supplied with the a5100.

Download Sony A7r Help Guide

Sony A7 A7r Help Guide
Here is a more extensive manual for your Sony A7 camera. The download is a zip archive and it contains html files. Click on the index.html and the A7 help guide comes to life via your web browser. It is indexed and searchable. We extracted some interesting pages on the images below including dial wheel lock, eye focus, and 4K Television display settings.

Sony A7 Dial Wheel Lock Settings
Sony A7 Eye Focus Settings
4K Television Setting
Download the Sony Help Guide for your new Sony A7 or A7r camera here via dropbox.

Download the A7 user manual here if you haven't already.

Download Sony A7r Manual in PDF

Here is the owner's / instruction manual and quick user guide for the Sony Alpha 7 (A7) family of cameras. The A7 and A7r share the same manual so read it twice to see what applies to your new baby. Below shows what will come with your Sony A7.

What's in the Sony A7 / A7r / A7K Box?
Download the Sony A7r quick user guide via dropbox here.

Download the Sony A7r instruction manual in PDF via dropbox here.

Pre-order your Sony A7 here.

Thanks Sony Australia!

Dowload Sony Alpha A7 A7r Product Guide

Sony Alpha 7 and 7r Product Guide
Here's a nice brochure from Sony about the new A7 and A7r. It provides a lot of information on the technology used for the camera, the new lenses, and the compatible accessories. Download the Sony Alpha A7 and A7r via DropBox.

Sony NEX-7 Rear Button Focus

Figure 1. Rear Button aka AF/MF Button Controls Autofocus.
Here's a way to autofocus using the rear AF/MF button instead of the shutter button. You can then separate focus from locking exposure with the shutter button half press. This will also prevent the lens from prefocusing when in AF or DMF mode.

Setting up the NEX-7 to use AF/MF Rear Button Focus.
Set the camera to Manual Focus, Figure 2.Set the AF/MF Control to HOLD, Figure 3.Set the AF/MF Button to AF/MF Control, Figure 1.Set the Function Button to Focus Settings, Figure 4. This will let us control the focus point via Flexible Spot. You can also use Center focus point then Recompose. The camera must be in MF or DMF mode, Figure 2., to use Focus Settings.

Figure 2. Set the camera to MANUAL FOCUS.

Figure 3. Set the AF/MF Control to HOLD.

Figure 4. Set Function Button to Focus Settings.

Here is the Sony NEX-7 Manual for download for more info.

Download the Sony NEX 3N Manual in PDF

Sony NEX-3N Parts

Here are the download links for the Instruction Manual and Handbook for the new Sony NEX-3N. It's always exciting to get new gear and the best time to read the manual is before the NEX-3N arrives. The NEX-3N will ship on March 24.

The NEX-3N instruction manual can be downloaded here via dropbox.

And the NEX-3N handbook can be downloaded here.

What comes in the Sony NEX-3N box?

Thanks Sony!

NEX-5R Kit for $649 on Black Friday

Sony NEX-5R Kit for $649 on Black Friday
Here is the only NEX specific Black Friday ad that we found. Best Buy will be selling the Sony NEX-5R kit, camera and 18-55mm OSS lens, for $649 next week on Black Friday. They are also including a bag and a memory card with the kit. It is a $100 over the standard price at Best Buy.

Amazon is currently selling the NEX-5R body only for the same price.

Here is the NEX-5R User Manual, a good read while you are plotting on how to acquire the NEX-5R on the US's busiest shopping day. Good luck!

Download Sony NEX-5R Manual in PDF

Sony NEX-5R Parts ID from User Manual
Here is the unofficial Sony NEX-5R manual from the FCC filing. The Sony NEX-5R is a NEX-5N with an additional control wheel and function button from the NEX-7. The NEX-5R also has a new 16.1 MP sensor, WiFi for PlayMemories Camera Apps, rear lcd touch shutter, and hybrid autofocus. The rear LCD touch screen flips 180° for self portraits similar to the NEX-F3.

Saving Images to Computer via WiFi using PlayMemories Camera Apps
Touch Shutter Function on Sony NEX-5R
Click here to download the unofficial Sony NEX-5R User Manual. This is subject to change without notice.

Sony NEX-5R Intro Video
Sony NEX-5R with 18-200mm OSS Lens

Download Sony NEX-6 User Manual in PDF

Sony NEX-6 Parts Diagram
Here is the preliminary Sony NEX-6 user manual courtesy of the FCC filing. The NEX-6 has WiFi and had to go through FCC approval. The NEX-6 uses the NEX-5R's sensor, and the EVF of the NEX-7. It introduces hybrid autofocus (phase detect and contrast detect), the new mode dial, and multi-interface hot shoe to the NEX system. The camera also includes the ability to use PlayMemories apps which takes advantage of the WiFi interconnectability.

The NEX-6 Kit comes with the new 16-50mm Power Zoom lens - retractable and compact.

Sony NEX-6 Shooting Mode Functions
Click here to download the unofficial NEX-6 manual in pdf. This is subject to change without notice.

Sony NEX-6 with 10-18mm wide angle zoom lens
Thanks hot!

Download Sony NEX-F3 Manual in PDF

Sony NEX-F3 Parts and Controls

Here is the Sony NEX-F3 instruction manual in Adobe PDF. It provides descriptions of the cameras controls, basic operation, and general usage recommendations. The NEX-F3 manual in PDF can be previewed and downloaded here via Google Drive.

USB charging for NEX cameras introduced with the Sony NEX-F3, shown below.

Sony NEX-F3 USB Charger and AC Adapter

The alpha manual for the Sony NEX-F3 provides further instruction on using the camera. The alpha manual shows how to use the extensive features of the NEX-F3. The alpha manual for the NEX-F3 can be previewed and downloaded here.

Below is a new feature for the NEX system introduced by the Sony NEX-F3.
Sony NEX-F3 Auto Portrait Framing

Some picture effects available on the NEX-F3.
Sony NEX-F3 Picture Effects

Sony NEX-5N Users Guide Video

Just got your Sony NEX-5N or looking at getting one? Clear 18 minutes of your day and watch the NEX-5N tutorial courtesy of Sony Asia. Download the NEX-5N Manual and follow along and take notes. This is a good crash course on your camera when you're not out there shooting.

Download Sony NEX-7 Users Manual in PDF

Sony Alpha NEX-7 Parts from the Manual

Here is the Sony NEX-7 User's Manual in PDF. It contains a lot of information which will make the NEX-7 experience more enjoyable. Read through the manual multiple times while you wait for your NEX-7.

Download the Sony NEX-7 manual in PDF here.

Here are some NEX-7 features that we found interesting.

Sony NEX-7 Face Recognition for Up To Eight Faces

Viewing NEX 3D Pictures on a 3D TV

You can also download the NEX-7 brochure here.

Download Sony NEX-7 Brochure in PDF

Sony NEX-7 TriNavi Dials

If you are waiting for your Sony NEX-7, here is something to whet your appetite. The brochure includes minute details that most reviews have not discussed. The NEX-7 brochure provides operational details of the NEX-7 TriNavi dials. Other NEX-7 features mentioned are the 1200 zone metering, eight LCD display modes, three grid displays (3x3, 4x4, and 6x4 - square format shooters rejoice), and anti-dust system.

The NEX-7 brochure also mentions the new NEX lenses and shows an Accessories System Chart, which includes Sony Alpha Flashes.

***Use this link to download the brochure.***

*not working* Download the Sony NEX-7 Brochure in PDF here.

Sony NEX Camcorder Manuals PDF Download

Here are the owner's, instruction, or operator's manual for the Sony NEX-VG10, NEX-VG20, and NEX-FS100 Handycam Camcorders. The user guides below should be read by owners and perspective owners.

Sony NEX-VG20 Handycam CamcorderClick to download the Sony NEX-VG20 Instruction Manual in PDF.Click to download the Sony NEX-VG20 Handbook in PDF.

Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35 Digital Motion CamcorderClick to download the Sony NEX-FS100 Instruction Manual in PDF.

Sony NEX-VG10 Handycam CamcorderClick to download the Sony NEX-VG10 Instruction Manual in PDF.

We are using Dropbox to host the NEX manuals for free. Click here for an invite.

Download Sony NEX-5N Handbook in PDF

Parts of the Sony NEX-5N

Above is a page from the extensive Sony NEX-5N Handbook / User Manual. It explains many of the new features and capabilities of the new NEX-5N including its new lenses and accessories.

Click here to download the Sony NEX-5N Handbook / User Manual in Adobe PDF format.

NEX-5N EVF from the Sales Brochure

As a bonus we found the Sony NEX-5N Sales Brochure. The snippet above shows the features of the new XGA OLED TruFinder for the NEX-5n. It contains plenty of information on the new NEX-5N, E-mount lenses, and accessories.

Sony NEX-C3 PDF Owners Manual Download

Get ready for your new Sony NEX-C3 by reading the owner's manual. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with the NEX-C3's user interface and the camera's capabilities.

Sample Photo Search NEX-C3 Manual

The NEX-C3's interactive pdf manual has a very handy "Sample Photo Search" which will help users with the common question of "This is the scene I want to capture in a photo, but how can I..?" Click on the sample photo and it will lead you to instructions on what settings should be adjusted on the NEX-C3.

How to Use Leica Lenses on the NEX Camera.
The image above shows the answer to one of the most popular questions for NEX cameras. "How do I use a 3rd party lens like Leica with an E-mount lens adapter on the NEX?"

We suggest having the manual with you at all times as you are learning the NEX-C3.
To download the Sony NEX-C3 pdf owner's / instruction manual:
Click on the image at the top or this link.Click on "download this file…

Sony Nex User Manual

Here is the Sony Nex User Manual from the Sony Japan support website.

Here is an alternate download link.

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