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Shoot Time Lapse Videos with the Sony a7r III

Slow and Quick Video Mode Options for Timelapse

Shoot Timelapse Videos with Sony Alpha Cameras using Slow and Quick (S&Q) Motion Video Mode

Christopher Burress shows us how to take a time lapse video with his Sony a6500. He uses S&Q Mode which is found in the Video Settings. This is identical to the method we need to use on the new a7r iii. The cameras then combine all the files shot at one frame per second to a video shown at your set speed. The a7r ii required a PlayMemories app.

How to Shoot Time Lapse Videos with the Sony a7r III
Go to Video ModeSet camera to Manual Focus, set focus.Set S&Q Mode - Program, Shutter, Aperture, or Manual modes are possible.Here is information on what mode to use from S&Q Frame Rate, one frame per second (FPS) is used in this example.Set the S&Q Record Setting. This sets the playback speed.Press the Record Button.The a7r iii processes the video in-camera.

Read more about S&Q settings of the a7r iii via…

Milky Way Timelapse with the a7s II

Dark Skies at Assateague Island National Seashore by Aryeh N.
Camera: Sony A7s II

Lens: Tamron 15-30mm f2.8 lens

Meike Vertical Grip for the Sony A7 Cameras

3rd Party Vertical Grip for the Sony a7 Cameras
Here is a third-party version of Sony's VG-C1EM Vertical A7-Series Camera Grip by Meike. Their model designation is MK-AR7. It duplicates the front and rear dials, shutter button, and the C1 button for use in a vertical shooting orientation. It provides room for a 2nd battery to extend shooting. It also has a receiver for a wireless remote with timer for time lapse photography.

We have not used this Meike MK-AR7 ourselves but the price is very tempting. The added battery is a plus but we always carry extra. The support provided by the grip is the major feature of this grip. We always have to warn people that 3rd party accessories causing damage to your Sony a7 will not be covered by warranty.

See the video and data sheet below to see if the MK-AR7 will work for you.

Tilt Shift Timelapse from Sony NEX-6 and A7s by darwinfish105

darwinfish105 used the Sony NEX-6 time lapse app at 1 second intervals and the Sony A7s with the RM-VPR1 remote in continuous mode to produce this wonderful time lapse.

Wired Remote for Sony A7 Cameras

Wired Remote Cord on Sony A7
Sony A7r HDR Timelapse with Wired Remote
Equipment required:
Sony A7 CameraGeneric Wired Timer Camera Shutter ControllerSony Multi Terminal Remote Cable

Sony A7 Camera Settings:
Aperture Priority (shutter speed will be varied)ISO 100Remote Control: ONDrive Mode: Continuous Bracketing, 3 or 5 shots, EV Range?Manual Focus

Remote Timer Settings:
DELAY:  Set countdown timer to when 1st shot is taken.LONG:  Set to time longer than total time for all bracket shots.INTVL:  Time between bracket intervals.N: Set to number of bracket sets required.

NEX-5R Tokyo Time Lapse by gsuraki

Miniature Tokyo by gsuraki
Here's an interesting use of the PlayMemories Time Lapse app available for both the NEX-5R and NEX-6.

Thanks gsuraki!

Sony NEX-6 Milky Way Time Lapse

Milky Way Time Lapse by David H.
Here are the settings David H. used on his NEX-6 with the help of PlayMemories Camera Apps.
Camera settings: 16mm, ISO 1600, f3.5, 30sec.To extend the battery life I made a cover to put over the EVF to trick the camera. This turns off the light on the back of the main screen and conserves a lot of power. I did this using the Time Lapse app on 40 second intervals (10 seconds longer than exposure time to allow the camera to process images). Still trying to figure out if you can use the Time Lapse app in RAW format.
Here is a video showing the NEX / Time Lapse App interface.

NEX PlayMemories Camera Apps Time Lapse
The Time Lapse App is available for $9.99 from the PlayMemories Camera App store. PlayMemories Camera Apps are compatible with Sony NEX-5R and NEX-6 cameras.

NEX-5R PlayMemories Camera Apps Demo Video

NEX-5R PlayMemories Interface
PlayMemories Camera Apps Demo VideoSo how does the PlayMemories Apps work on the Sony NEX-5R? Here is a video from Sony Australia showing the whole procedure from connecting to the PlayMemories store via WiFi, selecting a new PM App, downloading wirelessly, and installing the PM App on the NEX-5R.

Installing PlayMemories App on NEX-5RHere are the PlayMemories Apps that we already need:
Time Lapse - no need for an intervalometer, separate units from Canon and Nikon are over $100.Smart Remote Control - view what the camera sees from your phone or tablet and control the shutter.Bracket Pro - for the HDR (high dynamic range) junkies. Let's hope it allows for +3 / -3 EV range in multiple steps.We hope that all the apps are available in all shooting modes. I can already see all the HDR time lapse movies coming from the NEX-5R with PlayMemories Apps.

NEX-5R Time Lapse Mode via PlayMemories App

Smart Remote Control for Wireless External Display
Check out the Pla…

NEX-5N Tokyo Time Lapse By Okometubu

Here is a time lapse video by Okometubu made with the Sony NEX-5N and the Switch Science intervalometer that we posted about last July.

Here is the list of Nikon lenses used on the NEX via a lens adapter:
Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8Nikkor 20mm f/2.8sAF Nikkor 50mm F1.8D
AF-S Nikkor 35mm f/1.8GNikkor 28mm f/3.5

Nice work Okometubu!

NEX Intervalometer via MP3 Player

A Russian blog,, has posted an very interesting DIY intervalometer remote for the Sony NEX-5. The intervalometer uses an MP3 player which has an infrared dongle to transmit the shutter command for the NEX-5. Remember that only the NEX-5, which has an IR receiver, can use a remote to control the shutter.
You can then modify the MP3 file to create an intervalometer out of the MP3 player by adding gaps between the shutter release signal.
Create an IR transmitter for your MP3 player. Set the NEX-5 to remote shutter mode. Play the MP3 file and the shutter of the NEX fires.
We have not tested it. Check out for full instructions.
MP3 Player with Infrared Transmitter

NEX-3 NEX-C3 Intervalometer from ByMac Inventions

ByMac Inventions sent us an email informing us of their new creation. It is an all mechanical intervalometer which is perfect for the Sony NEX-3 and NEX-C3. The NEX-3 and NEX-C3 do not have infrared remote capability, which previous NEX-5 intervalometers used to control the shutter.

The Tempus ALL uses a servo arm to press the shutter button. It will work with the NEX-3, NEX-C3, NEX-5 and many cameras that it can be properly attached to.

An all mechanical intervalometer like the Tempus All has several advantages on the NEX cameras.
The NEX can go to sleep and have it's LCD off to preserve battery life.The NEX can be in any shooting mode. Set the NEX to HDR mode and you can create an HDR time lapse movie.
The Tempus ALL Intervalometer will be released on July 19th at a price of $149.

Time Lapse Video with Sony NEX-5 and Pclix XT

Time Lapse Video with Sony NEX-5

Here's another time laps video with the Sony NEX-5. This video was created by myreiseblog. The NEX-5 was triggered via infrared using a Pclix XT intervalometer.
The images from the NEX-5 were edited and the cool zooming effect was done in the video editor. We can see the Sony NEX's auto-HDR being utilized.
Thanks myreiseblog!

Tempus NEX Sony NEX Intervalometer Remote

Here is the Tempus NEX, an intervalometer infrared remote for Sony Alpha cameras including the NEX. The Tempus NEX was created by and will be available on June 15th according to the Tempus NEX website. The Tempus NEX will cost $69, we're not sure if that includes worldwide shipping, it is being made in Portugal. Send an email to if you are interested in this intervalometer for time lapse movies.
Here is a sample time lapse movie by made with the Tempus NEX and a Sony NEX-5. The Tempus NEX will work with Sony Alpha cameras with IR remote receivers, e.g. A900 and SLT-A55.

Unfortunately the NEX-5 does not go into sleep mode when it is in Remote Shutter mode. The screen will be on and draining the battery while waiting for the IR signal. Have extra batteries ready when doing intervalometer shots.

We are hoping that the next firmware will allow us to turn off the screen as an option.

Sony NEX-5 iPhone Remote Shutter App

bikr posted a proof of concept for Apple for the upcoming Sony NEX-5 remote shutter release app for the Apple iPhone.
The App sends the Sony NEX-5 an IR signal through a transmitter connected to the iPhone. Two shutter release signals can be sent, immediate release and with a 2 second delay. The Sony NEX-5 remote below has the same capability.

The Sony NEX-5 iPhone Remote Shutter App should also be able to control other Sony Alpha cameras with IR receivers. The NexRemote App will be in the iPhone App Store soon.

A suggestion would be to make it an intervalometer App for time lapse photography.

Sony NEX-5 gentLED Auto Intervalometer

Sony NEX-5 Time Lapse Video using gentLED Auto Intervalometer by xironmonkyx

Here is another intervalometer for the Sony NEX-5 for creating time lapse videos. It is a gentLED Auto infrared trigger. Here are the main features of the gentLED Auto:
Variable delay from 2 seconds to 30 minutesBuilt-in on-off switch and battery (included with unit)RED LED indicator when the unit has triggered the cameraWeighs only 0.6oz, 18g (including battery)Comes complete with velcro pads, and Operating Manual - all you need to take picture

Here is the operating manual for the gentLED auto. Check out Gentles Limited for more info on the gentLED auto.

Unfortunately the NEX-3 does not have an IR receiver.

DIY Sony NEX Intervalometer

hel1x sent us info on his "do it yourself" intervalometer for the Sony NEX-5 using a generic wireless infrared remote. He was trying to decipher the switch-science intervalometer website but decided that he can build his own time lapse controller for the NEX-5. The circuit controls when the shutter button is depressed, by shorting the connection. The interval can be between 6-14 seconds.

Here are some pictures of his device. This also works for other Sony Alpha cameras not just the NEX.

Generic Remote for the NEX-5

Thanks hel1x! Maybe he can send us the wiring diagram? :D

Sony NEX-5 Time Lapse Videos

Here are 3 time lapse videos taken with the Sony NEX-5 using the Switch Science Remote Intervalometer we posted back in July. The results look great.

Thanks OkometubuY and ienaga045 for the great shots and editing!

Sony NEX-5 Intervalometer for Time Lapse Photography

One major difference between the NEX-5 and NEX-3 is that the NEX-5 has a sensor for wireless triggering. The Sony NEX User Manual mentions remote capability of the NEX-5 but it doesn't mention which remote works. We are assuming that the Sony RMT-DSLR1 Remote Commander but we can't confirm that.

It looks like some ingenious person has figured it out for us. The video above shows an infrared remote controller triggering the NEX-5's shutter. It also allows for intervalometer shooting for time lapse photography, but the intervals are limited. Google translate says "Seconds can be set from 1 to 16 as in the range of 37 seconds." Please let us know if you have a better translation.

Check out switch-science for more info. Buyer beware.