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Sony a6000 Digiscoping Samples by 5Bellies Digiscoping

Marsh Harrier 14 by 5bellies Digiscoping
Here are some great digiscoping shots by 5bellies Digiscoping. He uses a Sony a6000 with a Swarovski scope which consists the STX-85 modular objective lens, the STX Eyepiece Module with a 25-60x magnification, and the TLS APO adapter.

There are a few samples below and a quick tutorial by Swarovski.

The Rig, Sony a6000 with a Swarovski STX-85 Digiscope

Sony NEX-5 Digiscoping with Kowa TSN-884

Here are images from Torimian who uses the NEX-5 and the 18-55mm OSS lens with a custom bracket for digiscoping. The scope of choice is the Kowa TSN-884 Prominar PFC 3 88mm with the Kowa TSN-VA3 Camera Adapter with Integrated Eyepiece. So what is the effective focal length of this combination? Crop Factor * Eyepiece Magnification * Focal Length = 1.5*14*(35mm to 55mm) = 735mm to 1155mm zoom lens.

Several features of the NEX makes it a great digiscoping camera:
The NEX's 7 frames per second burst shooting allows you capture multiple images at a time so that you don't miss a shot and even catch birds in flight.The tilting LCD lets you position your scope at various angles.The weight of the NEX makes it easy to attach to various eyepieces.The E-mount can accept most lenses via adapters.

Effective focal length of 735mm to 1155mm zoom lens

The custom machined aluminum allow bracket shown below allows the Sony E-mount 18-55mm OSS lens to be mounted on the Kowa TSN-VA3 Adapter / Eyep…