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Sony NEX-5 with Celestron C8-SGT Telescope

Sony NEX-5 with Celestron C8 SGT Telescope

Several people asked about the setup that was used on our NEX Astrophotography post. razor2277 posted his setup which is a NEX-5 used on a Celestron C8 SGT Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope.

Here is what is needed to get beautiful photos of our universe and beyond...
Celestron C8-SGT (Item # 11026-XLT) w/ dew shield (Item # 94009) and AC power supply (Item # 18778)Celestron Universal Piggyback Mount (for mounting camera on top with regular lenses) - Item # 93609Celestron T-Adapter, (C5, 6, 8, 9-1/4, 11, 14) - Item # 93633-AKiwiFotos T-Mount Adapter LMA-TM_EM For Sony aNEX CamerasCelestron f/6.3 Reducer/Corrector - Item # 94175from razor2277:
so the T-Mount adapter is what attaches to the camera. The T-Adapter is what attaches to the telescope. The 2 adapters have threads to connect them togethe for prime focus. I also use a reducer which brings the aperture down to f/6.3 from f/10, and increases the FOV from 2000mm to 1280mm. So in the order from sco…

Sony NEX-5 the Moon and a Meade ETX-125AT

Here is the moon shot with the Sony NEX-5 and the Meade ETX-125AT Maktusov-Cassegrain Telescope at prime focus. graffitilogic used a T adapter to mount the NEX-5 to the Meade telescope.

graffitilogic's NEX-5 Mounted on a Meade Telescope

Thanks graffitilogic!