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Save $50 on Sony NEX-3N

Sony NEX-3N at Amazon
Amazon is currently selling the black or white Sony NEX-3N for $50 less than the Sony Store. The NEX-3N's manufacturer's suggested price is $499 but is currently available for $399. We are very tempted in picking one up as a backup to the Sony NEX-7.

Sony NEX-3N Review by Engadget

Sony NEX-3N Review by Engadget
Let's see what Engadget has to say about the handsome and compact Sony NEX-3N.

Download the Sony NEX 3N Manual in PDF

Sony NEX-3N Parts

Here are the download links for the Instruction Manual and Handbook for the new Sony NEX-3N. It's always exciting to get new gear and the best time to read the manual is before the NEX-3N arrives. The NEX-3N will ship on March 24.

The NEX-3N instruction manual can be downloaded here via dropbox.

And the NEX-3N handbook can be downloaded here.

What comes in the Sony NEX-3N box?

Thanks Sony!

Sony NEX-3N Hands On Videos

Sony NEX-3N Hands On
Sony posted their hands on video of the new Sony NEX-3N camera. They discuss the new features that sets the NEX-3N apart from the previous NEX-3 cameras.
Area specific noise reduction.Auto portrait framing.Auto macro framing.Auto tracking framing.Lens zoom lever.Available in April with the 16-50mm power zoom lens for $499.Available in all black or white with a silver lens.
Below is What Digital Camera's hands on look at the Sony NEX-3N.

Black Sony NEX-3N with 1650mm PowerZoom Lens
Thanks Sony and What Digital Camera!

Check out specs and more pictures of the NEX-3N from our previous post.

Sony NEX-3N Camera with PowerZoom Lever

Sony NEX-3N Promotional Video
Here is Sony's latest temptation for point and shoot users. The NEX-3N is the fourth generation of the entry level NEX cameras. The NEX-3N has a zoom lever, similar to point and shoot cameras, that controls the Sony 16-50mm PowerZoom interchangeable lens. There is also the Sony 18-200mm PZ lens which can be controlled by the NEX-3N. The NEX-3N is the first NEX camera to support the new “TRILUMINOS Colour”. TRILUMINOS Colour along with a BRAVIA TV with TRILUMINOS Display will provide expanded palette of vivid, ultra-realistic colours when videos and still images from the NEX-3N camera are played back.

The NEX-3N will sell for $499 with the 16-50mm Power Zoom lens.
Super-compact interchangeable lens APS-C camera weighs just 210gNo-fuss self-portraits with 180° tiltable LCD screen and zoom leverLarge Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with 16.1 effective megapixels and high sensitivity, for detail-packed, low noise photos and Full HD videoBeautiful composition…