Sony NEX-3N Hands On Videos

sony nex-3n hands on video

Sony NEX-3N Hands On

Sony posted their hands on video of the new Sony NEX-3N camera. They discuss the new features that sets the NEX-3N apart from the previous NEX-3 cameras.
  • Area specific noise reduction.
  • Auto portrait framing.
  • Auto macro framing.
  • Auto tracking framing.
  • Lens zoom lever.
  • Available in April with the 16-50mm power zoom lens for $499.
  • Available in all black or white with a silver lens.

Below is What Digital Camera's hands on look at the Sony NEX-3N.

sony nex-3n hands on video

Black Sony NEX-3N with 1650mm PowerZoom Lens

Thanks Sony and What Digital Camera!

Check out specs and more pictures of the NEX-3N from our previous post.

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