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Sony NEX-5 Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm

Jacek paired the Sony NEX-5 and the Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 50mm f/2.8 via a Kipon E-mount to M42 lens adapter and here are his results. He stated that "the threaded plate is upside down which means that lens scale numbers are facing down." He has informed Kipon about this issue. The problem is easily rectified with a screwdriver.

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Sony NEX M42 Lens Adapter on eBay

Another Sony NEX E-mount lens adapter is on eBay, this time it's the M42 lens adapter. Unfortunately there isn't a picture as it seems that the Adapter is not made yet. The seller states, "I plan on July 15 to deliver goods."

from the Sony NEX M42 Lens Adapter eBay auction:
M42 lens to Sony Nex5 Nex3 Nex7 Camera Adapter


for using Sony E-mount body with M42 Lenses You can mount your M42 lenses on your NEX3, NEX5, etc......
Turn on 'shoot without lens' to use MF lenses with adapters.
Use your LCD to Focus, only operated in manual focus mode (Auto Focus is impossible).
You can use MF assist function to focus accurately. (7x or 14x zoom focus)
Infinite focus is guarantee.
Use M or A mode to operate. (manual exposure and aperture priority exposure)
Made of Metal, Aluminium with black or silver Anodized (2 color)
Most Lens can mount, but be careful with retractable lenses

Made In Taiwan

Note: I plan on July 15 to deliver goods
The Sony NEX E-mount to M42 len…