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Holga Wide Lens for Sony NEX Cameras

It looks like Holga is joining the Sony E-mount system. They are producing a very inexpensive plastice lens with a native Sony NEX E-mount. It is a 25mm focal length lens (37.5mm FOV for the NEX cameras) with a fixed aperture of f/8. It is a zone focus lens, practice telling distances at 0.7, 2, 6, and 10+ meters (2.3, 7, 20, and 33 feet) in order to focus. These are the distances you can select with the focus ring.

The official Holga part number is HL(W)-SN. The images and information is from Buy The Goods of eBay fame. The Holga Wide Lens for the Sony NEX recently went for $19.75 shipped from Buy The Goods and sold out.

In order to combat this Sony will be releasing the Firmware Version 04 with a Toy Camera filter effect.