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Sony NEX-3N Camera with PowerZoom Lever

Sony NEX-3N Promotional Video
Here is Sony's latest temptation for point and shoot users. The NEX-3N is the fourth generation of the entry level NEX cameras. The NEX-3N has a zoom lever, similar to point and shoot cameras, that controls the Sony 16-50mm PowerZoom interchangeable lens. There is also the Sony 18-200mm PZ lens which can be controlled by the NEX-3N. The NEX-3N is the first NEX camera to support the new “TRILUMINOS Colour”. TRILUMINOS Colour along with a BRAVIA TV with TRILUMINOS Display will provide expanded palette of vivid, ultra-realistic colours when videos and still images from the NEX-3N camera are played back.

The NEX-3N will sell for $499 with the 16-50mm Power Zoom lens.
Super-compact interchangeable lens APS-C camera weighs just 210gNo-fuss self-portraits with 180° tiltable LCD screen and zoom leverLarge Exmor APS HD CMOS sensor with 16.1 effective megapixels and high sensitivity, for detail-packed, low noise photos and Full HD videoBeautiful composition…

Sony NEX-F3 3rd Generation Mirrorless Camera

Sony NEX-F3 with 16mm Lens
It's hard to believe that a 3rd generation NEX body is available. The 16.1 mp Sony NEX-F3 continues the lineage from the NEX-3 to the NEX-C3 as an entry level interchangeable lens mirrorless camera. F can either stand for "flip" for the LCD screen, which is a first for the NEX system. F can also stand for "flash", which is now built-in similar to the flagship, Sony NEX-7.

The NEX-F3 introduces USB charging for the NEX cameras. This will make your travel kit smaller since the battery charger is not necessary. A wall socket to USB adapter can be shared with other electronic devices.

The NEX-F3 also introduces Auto Portrait Framing which identifies the model's position and trims the scene to produce a pleasing portrait composition. Self portraits are easy with the new flip screen.

Clear Image Zoom doubles the effective magnification of the lens using Sony's Pixel Super Resolution Technology. Another new feature for NEX camera…

Sony NEX-C3 USB Stick

Sony NEX-C3 USB Stick

Here is a nice USB stick from Sony. Unfortunately this is not available for purchase according to alsotyCheng. He was lucky enough to receive it as a gift.

Below is the real NEX-C3.

Thanks alsotycheng!

NEX-C3 in the Sahara Morocco and High Atlas

A Owens posted pictures of his adventure with his sons in the Sahara desert. Here is what he wrote:
Left all the Canon gear at home for this trip and went light with the NEX C3 only together with Voigty 15mm, Zeiss 21/4.5 and 50/2 and Elmarit 90/2.8. My youngest 2 sons were with me camping into the desert to sample life without Xbox, TV, western comforts etc.. They loved it.
Here are A Owens shots with the Sony NEX-C3 and some manual focus lenses. It's nice to see that the C3 won't be a stumbling block for making great memories.

Check out more of A Owens NEX-C3 Western Sahara / Morocco shots in his dpreview gallery.

Thanks A!

Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Uses a NEX-3

While watching the trailer for the new "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo", 4004's keen eye saw the NEX-3 being used by Rooney Mara - Lisbeth Salander. This is a remake of the Swedish film which was excellent. The film deals with strong subjects and is rated R for good reason.

The movie was filmed a while ago when the NEX-3 was new. Maybe the NEX-C3 or even the NEX-7 will be in Lisbeth's hands in the following films of this trilogy. Don't blink or you may miss the NEX-3.

E-mount Tamron 18-200mm Lens Reviewed by

E-mount Tamron 18-200 Lens Extended from has a nice review of the Tamron 18-200 Di III VC E-mount lens for the Sony NEX system. It looks like the Tamron does pretty well against the Sony 18-200mm OSS Lens.

The current price of the Tamron 18-200mm E-mount is $799, see other buying options. This is the same price as the Sony 18-200mm OSS Lens. We are guessing that the Tamron will drop in price once there is more stock at hand.

Sony NEX-C3 with the Sony 18-200 and Tamron 18-200

Thanks PC Home!

Sony NEX-7 Launch Delayed Due To Thailand Floods

Flood waters has inundated the Sony factory in Ayutthaya, Thailand where NEX cameras are produced. This will affect the overall supply of NEX systems and will delay the NEX-7's release.

from Reuters
Sony, the world's second-largest maker of digital cameras after Canon Inc , said the global launch of its NEX-7 mirrorless interchangeable lens camera would be delayed indefinitely from the previous date of Nov. 11, while the Japanese launch of the Alpha 65 model would also be delayed.

Sony's Thai camera factory, one of three plants it has in the country, is flooded, while production has been stopped at its Thai semiconductor plant due to supply shortages, the company said.
Sony has not announced a new launch date.

Here is an article by CNET when they visited the Sony Ayutthaya Plant last year.

More importantly, 300+ people have been killed by the flooding and countless have lost their homes. Sony has donated 300 Million yen to aid the recovery efforts.

NEX-5N NEX-C3 Adobe Camera Raw 6.5 Support

Adobe has Adobe Camera Raw 6.5 available for download. The Sony NEX-5N and NEX-C3 Raw files are now supported by ACR 6.5, which means the files can be manipulated in Photoshop CS5.

Camera Raw 6.5 update

This new version of the Camera Raw plug-in replaces the original Camera Raw plug-in that was installed with Adobe® Creative Suite® 5 or Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 software.

You can download ACR 6.5 RC from Adobe for Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

Sony NEX Discount on Bundles

Sony NEX Twin Lens Bundle $150 Discount

Sony is offering a nice deal on NEX cameras and camcorders. $150 is taken of the price when the 16mm Pancake is purchased with a NEX camera and the 18-55mm OSS kit lens. The deal applies to the NEX-5N, and NEX-C3 cameras, and NEX-VG10 Camcorder.

The NEX-5 twin lens bundle also adds the LCS-U10 case and an 8GB SD Card.

$150 off Sony NEX bundles

Sony NEX 30mm Macro Lens Samples

Sony NEX-C3 with 30mm f/3.5 Macro Lens

Here are some samples from the Sony NEX-C3 and the new E-mount 30mm f/3.5 Macro Lens. These are from Impress.Co.Jp.

The 30mm Macro lens, Sony part number SEL30M35, is a native E-mount lens which can take full advantage of the NEX system. The cameras can control the aperture and focusing of the lens. It provides an equivalent FOV of 45mm when used with the NEX's APS-C sensor. The "normal" FOV and macro feature of the lens means you can use this lens for almost all situations.

We took 100% crops from the full size samples posted, which were resized to provide perspective. The results below look very good to us, sharp, smooth out of focus area, and great colors.

Go to Impress.Co.Jp for full resolution samples from the NEX-C3 and the 30mm Macro SEL30M35 Lens. Thanks Impress.Co.Jp!

Sony NEX-3 Kit $299 Half Price

Frys in the west coast is selling the Sony NEX-3 with 18-55mm Lens Kit at a great discount. The NEX-3 Kit is selling at half the price, $299, of MSRP, $599. It is currently selling at $499 at Amazon. We will see more of these closeout deals since the NEX-3's replacement, the NEX-C3 is already available.

The deal is only available at a Fry's brick and mortar store. Happy hunting!

Sony NEX-7 with 18-55mm Lens $1350

Sony NEX-7 and NEX-5N Price Revealed by USA Today

Here's an article from USA Today which reveals Sony's upcoming digital camera line-up:
Sony NEX-7$1350 with lens (Carl Zeiss 24mm f/1.8?) - the $1350 is with the 18-55mm OSS.Pre-order the NEX-7 body here for $1,199.New 24 MP sensor.has a shutter lag of 20 milliseconds. The Canon 1D Mark IV and Nikon D3X has a shutter lag of around 40 ms. The Leica M9 has shutter lag of 100 ms.Available in September 2011.Sony NEX-5N$700 with lens (18-55mm OSS?)New 16.1 MP sensor, similar to the one in the NEX-C3.Available in September 2011.Pre-order the NEX-5N with 18-55mm OSS lens here for $699Sony NEX-VG20$2199 with lens (18-200mm OSS?)New 16.1 MP sensor, similar the one in the NEX-C3?Sony Alpha SLT-A77$1999 with 16-50mm f/1.8 lens - is that a typo? If not a 16-50mm f/1.8 lens on an NEX would be excellent!New 24 MP sensor - most likely shared with the NEX-7.Maximum shutter speed of 12 fps.$1399 for the SLT-A77 body onlyAvailable October 2011…

Sony NEX-5N with Electronic Viewfinder

Sony NEX-5N Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)

Here is the first image of the new electronic viewfinder (EVF) on the upcoming Sony NEX-5N camera. Press the button on the NEX-5N EVF and choose between the EVF or the rear LCD for shooting. The battery life should last longer by using the EVF instead of the rear LCD. The NEX-5N EVF reportedly can be tilted for different shooting angles.

We are hoping that this is backwards compatible for the NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras. We also have no information if this will work on the NEX-C3.

What are your thoughts on the NEX-5N EVF?

Here was our first NEX-5N post.

Thanks eddieaus!

Sony NEX-C3 vs NEX-5 Red Shift Battle

Sony NEX-C3 vs NEX-5 Sample 1
bigpen from xitek forums was lucky enough to have the new NEX-C3 and the NEX-5 for a red shift battle. The red shift, vignetting, and / or discoloration is caused by wide angle rangefinder lenses (28mm or less) on the NEX. The light rays from the wide angle lens hit the edges of the NEX sensor at extreme angles since the lens' rear element is so close to the NEX sensor.
The comparison was done with a lens adapter and the Contax G 21mm Rangefinder lens, which is known to produce the red shift on the NEX-5 and NEX-3. It looks like the Sony engineers know of the red shift and has addressed the issue with the new NEX-C3. The 16.2 mp sensor of the NEX-C3 seems to handle the light from problematic lenses in a different way - better. The NEX-C3 samples are the ones on top in each set.

But don't worry, the red shift, vignetting, and / or discoloration can be fixed in post processing by using CornerFix.
The same issue exists for the Leica M8 and M9 and…