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NEX-5N and Tamron 18-200mm by Rob van Keulen

Here are some shots with the Tamron 18-200mm E-mount lens on the NEX-5N. The shots are by photographer Rob van Keulen and the Tamron lens was from the Dutch Tamron importer Transcontinenta.

The Tamron 18-200mm is an alternative to the Sony 18-200mm E-mount lens. We posted a comparison last December when it was announced by Tamron.

Tamron 18-200mm DI III VC E-mount Lens in Silver or Black

Check out the complete gallery by Rob van Keulen / Transconenta.

Thanks Rob!

E-mount Tamron 18-200mm Lens Reviewed by

E-mount Tamron 18-200 Lens Extended from has a nice review of the Tamron 18-200 Di III VC E-mount lens for the Sony NEX system. It looks like the Tamron does pretty well against the Sony 18-200mm OSS Lens.

The current price of the Tamron 18-200mm E-mount is $799, see other buying options. This is the same price as the Sony 18-200mm OSS Lens. We are guessing that the Tamron will drop in price once there is more stock at hand.

Sony NEX-C3 with the Sony 18-200 and Tamron 18-200

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Tamron 18-200 E-mount Lens Announced

Tamron 18-200 mm f/3.5-6.3 Di III VC NEX E-mount Lens

Tamron announced their first lens for the Sony NEX system. This is the first third party lens that will support autofocus and autoaperture on the NEX body. The lens is the 18-200mm Di III VC E-mount lens with maximum apertures at f/3.5 @18mm and f/6.3 @200mm. The lens is in direct competition with the Sony 18-200mm OSS lens. Let's compare the specs of the new Tamron E-mount zoom lens vs the Sony's super zoom lens.

CombatantsTamron 18-200mm Di III VC
Sony 18-200mm OSS
Zoom Range
(27-300mm EFOV)
(27-300mm EFOV)Maximum Aperture
f/3.5 @18mm
f/6.5 @200mmf/3.5 @18mm
f/6.5 @200mmLens StabilizationVibration Compensation (VC)Optical Steady Shot (OSS)
Minimum Focus Distance19.7 inches (500 mm)11.8 in (300 mm)Weight16.2 ounces (460 g)18.5 oz (524 g)Length3.8 in (96.7 mm)3.9 inches (99 mm)Lens MountSony NEX E-mountSony NEX E-mountPrice€669 (estimated $892)€709 ($799 Street Price)

The Tamrom 18-200mm E-mount will be available l…