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Sony NEX-7 Rear Button Focus

Figure 1. Rear Button aka AF/MF Button Controls Autofocus.
Here's a way to autofocus using the rear AF/MF button instead of the shutter button. You can then separate focus from locking exposure with the shutter button half press. This will also prevent the lens from prefocusing when in AF or DMF mode.

Setting up the NEX-7 to use AF/MF Rear Button Focus.
Set the camera to Manual Focus, Figure 2.Set the AF/MF Control to HOLD, Figure 3.Set the AF/MF Button to AF/MF Control, Figure 1.Set the Function Button to Focus Settings, Figure 4. This will let us control the focus point via Flexible Spot. You can also use Center focus point then Recompose. The camera must be in MF or DMF mode, Figure 2., to use Focus Settings.

Figure 2. Set the camera to MANUAL FOCUS.

Figure 3. Set the AF/MF Control to HOLD.

Figure 4. Set Function Button to Focus Settings.

Here is the Sony NEX-7 Manual for download for more info.

What Shutter Sound? Sony DSC-RX1

Sony DSC-RX1 Shutter Sound
GPSVista compares the standard shutter sound of the Sony RX1 and the lack of shutter sound when it is disabled. The shutter sound can be silenced by turning off Audio Signals via Setup Menu #3, shown below.

Sony RX1 Setup Menu #3

Thanks GPSVista!

Sony NEX-6 Infrared Conversion by

Sony NEX-6 Disassembled for Infrared Conversion
Wiebe from uploaded his Sony NEX-6 infrared conversion tutorial video and here it is. Check out 4:59 for a surprise.

Visit for a more detailed NEX-6 disassembly and infrared conversion tutorial.

Thanks Wiebe and IR-Photo!

Download Sony NEX-F3 Manual in PDF

Sony NEX-F3 Parts and Controls

Here is the Sony NEX-F3 instruction manual in Adobe PDF. It provides descriptions of the cameras controls, basic operation, and general usage recommendations. The NEX-F3 manual in PDF can be previewed and downloaded here via Google Drive.

USB charging for NEX cameras introduced with the Sony NEX-F3, shown below.

Sony NEX-F3 USB Charger and AC Adapter

The alpha manual for the Sony NEX-F3 provides further instruction on using the camera. The alpha manual shows how to use the extensive features of the NEX-F3. The alpha manual for the NEX-F3 can be previewed and downloaded here.

Below is a new feature for the NEX system introduced by the Sony NEX-F3.
Sony NEX-F3 Auto Portrait Framing

Some picture effects available on the NEX-F3.
Sony NEX-F3 Picture Effects

Sony NEX-3 Surgery

Sony NEX-3 Shutter in Action

erkinson the disassembler posted his NEX-3 surgery. The guide takes you all the way down to the 14.2 megapixel sensor. Check out the step by step procedure at

Sony NEX-3 14.2 MP Sensor by erkinson

Thanks erkinson!

Sony NEX-7 Wired Shutter Release Mod

Sony NEX-7 Wired Shutter Release by Trunk at

Trunk contacted us again with his new mod. This time it's a wired shutter release for the Sony NEX-7. It was about a year ago that we posted Trunk's wired shutter release for the Sony NEX-5.

If you are using the NEX-7 in modes other than P,S,A, or M the wireless Sony NEX Remote will not work and the Self-Timer is also inaccessible.  Trunk has the solution for the NEX-7.  He goes through a step by step procedure on modding the NEX-7 for a wired shutter release.  The process is very complex and will void your warranty.  Do it at your own risk or contact Trunk as he may offer the modification service.

 Check out for Trunk's NEX-7 wired shutter release.  Here are some pictures by Trunk showing the insides of the NEX-7 and the finished product.

Images by Trunk at
Thanks Trunk!

Sony NEX-7 Dial Wheel Lock Option?

Have you finished reading the 211 page manual for the Sony NEX-7 yet? You may have run into this Dial / Wheel Lock option in the Setup Menu and tried to guess what it was. We had no clue until we ran into the video above by SonyAlphaSupport.

The Dial / Wheel Lock option can be found on the 1st screen (top) of the Setup Menu. It can be set to All, Control Wheel, or Off. When it is set to All, the Tri-Navi controls can be locked by holding down the Navigation Button of the NEX-7 for around 2 seconds. This means that whatever the Tri-Navi controls are controlling cannot be accidentally changed without unlocking them. The unlocking process is the same as the locking process.

Dial / Wheel Lock option in NEX-7 Setup Menu A more useful option might be setting the Dial / Wheel Lock to Control Wheel. The Control Wheel is usually the ISO dial so it can be locked and unlocked by holding down the Navigation Button for around 2 seconds.

A lock icon shows up on the top right of the screen when …

How To Clean a Sony NEX Camera

We have not experienced any visible dust on our images yet. We always make sure that the camera is turned off before changing the lens. We also try to change it only when we are indoors. We've never used cleaning mode on the NEX so the video is quite helpful.

From Sony's website:
Clean the dust or debris on the image sensor by performing the automatic cleaning function of the camera. If dust remains, use a blower.

Sony cannot honor the warranty if the user cleans the image sensor surface with a commercial solution. We recommend only using the blower to remove dust particles.

If dust still remains even if you try the above, consult your Sony dealer or local authorized Sony service facility.

Sony NEX-5N Family

Sony NEX-5N Users Guide Video

Just got your Sony NEX-5N or looking at getting one? Clear 18 minutes of your day and watch the NEX-5N tutorial courtesy of Sony Asia. Download the NEX-5N Manual and follow along and take notes. This is a good crash course on your camera when you're not out there shooting.

Download Sony NEX-7 Users Manual in PDF

Sony Alpha NEX-7 Parts from the Manual

Here is the Sony NEX-7 User's Manual in PDF. It contains a lot of information which will make the NEX-7 experience more enjoyable. Read through the manual multiple times while you wait for your NEX-7.

Download the Sony NEX-7 manual in PDF here.

Here are some NEX-7 features that we found interesting.

Sony NEX-7 Face Recognition for Up To Eight Faces

Viewing NEX 3D Pictures on a 3D TV

You can also download the NEX-7 brochure here.

Download Sony NEX-7 Brochure in PDF

Sony NEX-7 TriNavi Dials

If you are waiting for your Sony NEX-7, here is something to whet your appetite. The brochure includes minute details that most reviews have not discussed. The NEX-7 brochure provides operational details of the NEX-7 TriNavi dials. Other NEX-7 features mentioned are the 1200 zone metering, eight LCD display modes, three grid displays (3x3, 4x4, and 6x4 - square format shooters rejoice), and anti-dust system.

The NEX-7 brochure also mentions the new NEX lenses and shows an Accessories System Chart, which includes Sony Alpha Flashes.

***Use this link to download the brochure.***

*not working* Download the Sony NEX-7 Brochure in PDF here.

Sony NEX Camcorder Manuals PDF Download

Here are the owner's, instruction, or operator's manual for the Sony NEX-VG10, NEX-VG20, and NEX-FS100 Handycam Camcorders. The user guides below should be read by owners and perspective owners.

Sony NEX-VG20 Handycam CamcorderClick to download the Sony NEX-VG20 Instruction Manual in PDF.Click to download the Sony NEX-VG20 Handbook in PDF.

Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35 Digital Motion CamcorderClick to download the Sony NEX-FS100 Instruction Manual in PDF.

Sony NEX-VG10 Handycam CamcorderClick to download the Sony NEX-VG10 Instruction Manual in PDF.

We are using Dropbox to host the NEX manuals for free. Click here for an invite.

Download Sony NEX-5N Handbook in PDF

Parts of the Sony NEX-5N

Above is a page from the extensive Sony NEX-5N Handbook / User Manual. It explains many of the new features and capabilities of the new NEX-5N including its new lenses and accessories.

Click here to download the Sony NEX-5N Handbook / User Manual in Adobe PDF format.

NEX-5N EVF from the Sales Brochure

As a bonus we found the Sony NEX-5N Sales Brochure. The snippet above shows the features of the new XGA OLED TruFinder for the NEX-5n. It contains plenty of information on the new NEX-5N, E-mount lenses, and accessories.

Sony NEX-C3 PDF Owners Manual Download

Get ready for your new Sony NEX-C3 by reading the owner's manual. It is a great way to familiarize yourself with the NEX-C3's user interface and the camera's capabilities.

Sample Photo Search NEX-C3 Manual

The NEX-C3's interactive pdf manual has a very handy "Sample Photo Search" which will help users with the common question of "This is the scene I want to capture in a photo, but how can I..?" Click on the sample photo and it will lead you to instructions on what settings should be adjusted on the NEX-C3.

How to Use Leica Lenses on the NEX Camera.
The image above shows the answer to one of the most popular questions for NEX cameras. "How do I use a 3rd party lens like Leica with an E-mount lens adapter on the NEX?"

We suggest having the manual with you at all times as you are learning the NEX-C3.
To download the Sony NEX-C3 pdf owner's / instruction manual:
Click on the image at the top or this link.Click on "download this file…

NEX Tips and Tricks for Filmmakers

Here is Adam Roberts' tips and tricks on using the NEX-5 for film making. He discusses setting up the soft keys to help in creating videos. He then goes through the custom white balance setting. He used a very flat setting for the videos, reduced contrast, reduced saturation, and reduced sharpness, which was changed through the NEX's Creative Style menu.

After the NEX-5 settings, he discusses the hardware he used. He quickly talks about lens adapters, third party lenses, Lensbaby Tilt Transformer, and follow focus.

NEX-5 with Shoot35 Follow Focus

The last part of the video is on video workflow. Adam R. used AVCHD (.MTS) to film with the NEX-5. The files (.MTS) were then converted to quicktime files (.MOV) by using ClipWrap before using Final Cut Pro to do the final edit.

Here is "Another Yesterday" by Adam Roberts using the tips and tricks in the video above.

Thanks Adam R and for the tip Anon on 6/21!

Adjust Infinity Focus on NEX Lens Adapters

Here is a generic Leica M to Sony NEX E-mount lens adapter. The adapter allows for infinity focus but it occurs before the infinity mark. We wanted to get closer to the infinity mark so we took off the (4) screws that attach the silver part to the black part. We used a precision slotted screwdriver and made sure not to strip the very tiny screws.

We used pieces of aluminum foil to add thickness to the adapter. This will get the Leica M lens farther away from the Sony NEX sensor and infinity focus should be closer to the infinity mark on the lens. If the foil is too thick, the lens will be too far away and infinity focus may not be achieved.
Reassemble the adapter and test the lens for infinity focus.

NEX 3D Sweep Panorama StereoPhotoMaker Tutorial

If you don't have a 3D TV yet, here's a way to view your Sony NEX 3D pictures.

Sony NEX 3D Sweep Panorama to Wobble 3D via StereoPhotoMakerDownload the latest version of StereoPhotoMaker by Masuji SUTO.
Extract the file into a directory.Copy an MPO (multi-picture object) file created with 3D Panorama Sweep from the Sony NEX camera with ver. 02 firmware into the directory in step #2.Drag and drop the MPO file onto stphmkre.exe.StereoPhotoMaker will open up with the Left and Right image of your NEX 3D MPO file.To view with Red-Blue 3D glasses, click on Stereo > ColorAnaglyph > Optimized Anaglyph.To view as a wobble 3D image, click on Stereo > Single Image View > Flashing. Adjust the speed to your preference.You can resize the final output by clicking Edit > Resize. Enter your preference and make sure to Keep the Aspect Ratio.To save the anaglyph of the NEX 3D MPO file, perform step #6, then click on File > Save Stereo Image. The save dialog will pop up, press …

How to Use the NEX-5 with the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to import photos from the Sony NEX-5 camera to the iPad with the use of the Camera Connection Kit.
Turn on Sony NEX Camera.Press Menu button > Setup > USB Connection > Mass Storage Turn off NEX Camera.Connect iPad USB reader from Camera Connection Kit to USB cable from NEX-5.Connect USB reader to iPad. Make sure the iPad is not in sleep mode. Turn on NEX Camera.The iPad will start displaying photos from NEX-5 memory card.We had Date folders in the NEX-5 but the iPad displayed all the photos at once.Select the photos to be imported by clicking on each one, or select none if you will import all the photos.Click the Import button and choose whether to Import only the Selected Photos or All of the photos.The iPad will start importing the photos, wait until all the blue checks turn green.RAW files can be imported, but due to their size, take longer to import than JPGs.Choose whether to Keep or Delete the imported photos from the NEX-5 memory …

Sony NEX Tutorial Videos

Here are two helpful tutorial videos on how to use your new Sony NEX Camera. They're great teasers for those of us waiting to get our hands on the NEX-3 or NEX-5.

The first video covers the following topics:
NEX unboxing showing the contents.Charging the battery.Different body color and lens kit options.Turning on the camera.Menu buttons.Jog Dial.Setting the time.

This video covers the following topics:
Taking a photo.Shooting tips.Changing the lens.Attaching and removing the included external flash.Changing flash options.Background defocus.Sweep Panorama.Shooting movies.Viewing images and videos on the camera.Deleting photos.

Sony Nex User Manual

Here is the Sony Nex User Manual from the Sony Japan support website.

Here is an alternate download link.

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