Adjust Infinity Focus on NEX Lens Adapters

sony NEX lens Adapter Adjust Infinity

Here is a generic Leica M to Sony NEX E-mount lens adapter. The adapter allows for infinity focus but it occurs before the infinity mark. We wanted to get closer to the infinity mark so we took off the (4) screws that attach the silver part to the black part. We used a precision slotted screwdriver and made sure not to strip the very tiny screws.

We used pieces of aluminum foil to add thickness to the adapter. This will get the Leica M lens farther away from the Sony NEX sensor and infinity focus should be closer to the infinity mark on the lens. If the foil is too thick, the lens will be too far away and infinity focus may not be achieved.

Reassemble the adapter and test the lens for infinity focus.


  1. I have followed this tuto for my MD adaptater and it's perfect, thank's. [FR] [EN]

  2. any way to do the opposite?
    I have an adapter to Nikon F mount and a very old Rokinon manual tele-lens, which doesn't always quite able to focus to infinity

  3. @ Örs - you must obviously remove rather than add to your adapter depth in this case, by carefully filing/shaving some of it off - not so easy though!


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