Shoot Time Lapse Videos with the Sony a7r III

shoot timelapse videos a7riii a7rm3

Slow and Quick Video Mode Options for Timelapse

Shoot Timelapse Videos with Sony Alpha Cameras using Slow and Quick (S&Q) Motion Video Mode

Christopher Burress shows us how to take a time lapse video with his Sony a6500. He uses S&Q Mode which is found in the Video Settings. This is identical to the method we need to use on the new a7r iii. The cameras then combine all the files shot at one frame per second to a video shown at your set speed. The a7r ii required a PlayMemories app.

How to Shoot Time Lapse Videos with the Sony a7r III
  • Go to Video Mode
  • Set camera to Manual Focus, set focus.
  • Set S&Q Mode - Program, Shutter, Aperture, or Manual modes are possible.
  • Set S&Q Frame Rate, one frame per second (FPS) is used in this example.
  • Set the S&Q Record Setting. This sets the playback speed.
  • Press the Record Button.
  • The a7r iii processes the video in-camera.

Read more about S&Q settings of the a7r iii via the Sony Help Guide.

The produced video will be in 1080p. The a7r iii can take 7952 x 5304 pixel images which is enough for 8k time lapse videos. This cannot be done in camera. We will need a remote to take the shots and additional software to produce the video.


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