NEX-5R PlayMemories Camera Apps Demo Video

sony nex-5r playmemories app

NEX-5R PlayMemories Interface

PlayMemories Camera Apps Demo Video

So how does the PlayMemories Apps work on the Sony NEX-5R? Here is a video from Sony Australia showing the whole procedure from connecting to the PlayMemories store via WiFi, selecting a new PM App, downloading wirelessly, and installing the PM App on the NEX-5R.

sony nex-5r playmemories app

Installing PlayMemories App on NEX-5R

Here are the PlayMemories Apps that we already need:
  • Time Lapse - no need for an intervalometer, separate units from Canon and Nikon are over $100.
  • Smart Remote Control - view what the camera sees from your phone or tablet and control the shutter.
  • Bracket Pro - for the HDR (high dynamic range) junkies. Let's hope it allows for +3 / -3 EV range in multiple steps.

We hope that all the apps are available in all shooting modes. I can already see all the HDR time lapse movies coming from the NEX-5R with PlayMemories Apps.

sony nex-5r playmemories app

NEX-5R Time Lapse Mode via PlayMemories App

sony nex-5r playmemories app

Smart Remote Control for Wireless External Display

Check out the PlayMemories Camera Apps teaser site at

The camera app is nothing new. Here are Minolta Expansion Cards first introduced in 1989 with the release of the Minolta Maxxum / Dynax / Alpha 5000i.
minolta custom cards sony nex apps

Camera Apps by Minolta from Grooved Ware People, on Flickr.

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