Must Have Sony A7 Accessories

sony a7 must have accessories

Sony A7s with Movie Accessories

You may need all the accessories pictured above for you A7 but we pared down the essentials needed accessories and they are pictured below.

Extra batteries are a must. We never let the camera/battery run down to 0%. Change the battery before you miss a shot.

sony a7 np-fw50 battery charger
sony a7 np-fw50 battery charger

The A7 cameras can be charged using the supplied USB cable but it's nice to have an external battery charger.

sony a7 lcd protector

Protection for the rear lcd screen. Avoid problems down the road.

sony e-mount rear lens cap

The adaptability of the e-mount A7 cameras means lens adapters. Grab a few of these lens caps to keep those adapters sealed.

sandisk sd uhs memory card

Use the fastest memory card you can buy for the A7 camera. 24mb or 36mb of data is a lot to move.

sony a7 wired remote shutter
sony a7 wireless remote shutter

The A7 comes with a smart phone remote app but it is not as versatile as a wired or wireless remote.

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