Sony NEX Essential Accessories

So you're ready to order your new NEX camera, what else do you need to complete your kit? Here's a list of essential NEX accessories which each kit should have.

sony nex camera kit essential accessories

What you need in your NEX kit.

  1. Class 10 SD Memory Cards - You will definitely need memory cards for you NEX - it will not come with one. We suggest using high speed and high quality SD cards for maximum photo and video performance. It's also a good idea to get multiple cards instead of just one high capacity card in case a problem occurs.
    sony nex sdhc uhs memory card
  2. Extra Sony NEX NP-FW50 Battery - your NEX camera will come with a battery but if you plan on shooting for a whole day, it's always good to have a backup.
    sony nex npfw50 battery
  3. Sony NEX E-mount body cap and rear lens cap - your NEX camera will unfortunately not come with a body cap or a rear lens cap. It's a good idea to have the caps available for storage purposes. You can easily separate the NEX body from the lens and it will make for a very compact package to carry. If you buy E-mount lens adapters, they will not come with rear lens caps so be ready. If you get the twin lens kit, the 2nd lens will come with a rear lens cap.
    sony nex body rear lens cap
  4. Sony NEX Remote - Need a critical shot with minimum camera movement - use a tripod and a remote. Taking pictures of you and your family? Make it easy by remotely triggering you camera by using this remote - no need to run or hand your camera to a stranger. The remote is also handy for bracketing shots for use with HDR photos.
    sony nex body remote rmt dslr1
  5. Mini-HDMI to HDMI cables - be ready to share your NEX pictures by connecting your camera to your TV by using an Mini-HDMI to HDMI cable.
    sony nex mini hdmi cable
  6. Camera Bag - So where does all this go? In any bag of your choice. You will need one with lots of pockets for all the little things your NEX needs.
    sony nex camera bag

What else do you have in your NEX bag? Send us an email with a picture of your kit.

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