Sony NEX-7 RRS L-Plate

sony nex-7 l-plate tripod rrs

Sony NEX-7 with RRS L-Plate Mount

Here is a nice accessory for your new Sony NEX-7. The L-plate from Really Right Stuff (RRS) provides a stable mounting platform for the camera in the landscape and portrait orientations. The need to tilt the tripod head for a portrait shot is eliminated with the L-plate meaning more stability.

Here is Really Right Stuff's description of their L-plate.
L-Plate Set for Sony Alpha NEX-7. This modular L-Plate mates beautifully with the new NEX-7 camera. This custom L-plate was designed to fit Sony NEX7's ultra-thin body as snugly as possible, but still make room for opening and positioning its LCD panel. The gap below the LCD screen provides clearance for the screen to be tilted up or down; with L-plate installed, you can still hold the camera over your head and swivel the screen so that it can be seen from below.

sony nex-7 l-plate tripod rrs

sony nex-7 l-plate tripod rrs

LCD clearance for tilting

Check out RRS for more details on the Sony NEX-7 L-Plate.

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