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Sony NEX-F3 3rd Generation Mirrorless Camera

Sony NEX-F3 with 16mm Lens
It's hard to believe that a 3rd generation NEX body is available. The 16.1 mp Sony NEX-F3 continues the lineage from the NEX-3 to the NEX-C3 as an entry level interchangeable lens mirrorless camera. F can either stand for "flip" for the LCD screen, which is a first for the NEX system. F can also stand for "flash", which is now built-in similar to the flagship, Sony NEX-7.

The NEX-F3 introduces USB charging for the NEX cameras. This will make your travel kit smaller since the battery charger is not necessary. A wall socket to USB adapter can be shared with other electronic devices.

The NEX-F3 also introduces Auto Portrait Framing which identifies the model's position and trims the scene to produce a pleasing portrait composition. Self portraits are easy with the new flip screen.

Clear Image Zoom doubles the effective magnification of the lens using Sony's Pixel Super Resolution Technology. Another new feature for NEX camera…

White Sony NEX-5N with Electronic Viewfinder

Here is Conrad A-B's NEX-5N in White livery with the FDA-EV1S electronic viewfinder. Are these the first white bodied NEX-5Ns to the the Americas? It's good looking kit.

Sony NEX-5N in White by Conrad A-B

Stock Image of NEX-5N in White

Thanks Conrad!

Download Sony NEX-5N Handbook in PDF

Parts of the Sony NEX-5N

Above is a page from the extensive Sony NEX-5N Handbook / User Manual. It explains many of the new features and capabilities of the new NEX-5N including its new lenses and accessories.

Click here to download the Sony NEX-5N Handbook / User Manual in Adobe PDF format.

NEX-5N EVF from the Sales Brochure

As a bonus we found the Sony NEX-5N Sales Brochure. The snippet above shows the features of the new XGA OLED TruFinder for the NEX-5n. It contains plenty of information on the new NEX-5N, E-mount lenses, and accessories.

Preview of NEX-7 TriNavi and EVF

Sony NEX-7 TriNavi Demo
The video above shows the Sony NEX-7 TriNavi or Tri-Dial Navi Controls. The new user interface allows for quick and easy adjustments without going into too many menus. Once you have customized and familiarized yourself with the NEX-7 TriNavi adjustments will become second nature. We have never found the NEX-5 controls fuzzy especially after the Firmware 3.0 update which allowed for Customized Softkeys but the TriNavi is definitely an improvement.
The NEX-7 in the video is in Aperture Priority mode and the TriNavi was used to adjust the following: Aperture/Exposure Compensation/ISOFocus PointsWhite BalanceDynamic Range/HDR AdjustmentsCreative Styles and AdjustmentsThe NEX-7 is then switched to Picture Effect mode and the TriNavi is used to go through the options.
The video below shows the Sony Alpha SLT-a77's electronic viewfinder (EVF), which is the same XGA 2.35 Million dot OLED EVF used on the Sony NEX-7. The video shows a horizon / level indicator and the…

Sony NEX-5N vs NEX-5 Spec Comparison

Sony NEX-5N vs NEX-5 Spec Comparison

Let's compare the specs of the new Sony NEX-5N to the one that started it all, the NEX-5. The form is slightly slimmer but Sony kept the shape very familiar. Now let's see what the new functions are of the NEX-5N.

Sony NEX-5N Kit: September 7, 2011 $699.Sony NEX-5: July 2010.
Effective Picture Resolution NEX-5N: Approx. 16.1 megapixels NEX-5: Approx. 14.2 megapixels Imaging Sensor NEX-5N: Exmor™ APS HD CMOS sensor (23.5 X 15.6mm) NEX-5: Exmor™ APS HD CMOS sensor (23.4 X 15.6mm) Shutter Lag
NEX-5N: 0.02 secondsNEX-5: 0.44 seconds
ISO Performance
NEX-5N: 100 to 25600NEX-5: 200 to 12800
Video Controls
NEX-5N: Full Manual Control P, A, S, and M Modes Available
NEX-5: Exposure lock with half press of Shutter Button
Video Recording
NEX-5N: AVCHD: PS - 1920 x 1080/60p@28Mbps FX - 1920 x 1080/60i@24Mbps FH - 1920 x 1080/60i@17Mbps FX - 1920 x 1080/24p@24Mbps FH - 1920 x 1080/24p@17Mbps MP4: HD - 1440 x 1080/ 30p@12Mbps VGA - 640…

Amazon Reveals Sony NEX-5 Specs

Sony NEX-5N with new 16.1 MP Sensor

The Sony NEX-5N on Amazon reveals the much awaited specs for the new camera. Here are the highlights:
16.1 MP Exmor APS HD CMOS image sensorMaximum 25600 ISO for extreme low light images.Full 1080p HD movie shooting 60p/24p - 24 frames per second for film like motion capturePhoto Creativity Touch - touchscreen lcd.Object Tracking Autofocus (AF) via Touch LCD - lock onto an object using the touchscreen and the NEX-5N will maintain focus as it moves.20 millisecond shutter lag - fastest interchangeable lens digital camera.Optional XGA OLED Viewfinder - part number FDA-EV1S - 2,395K dot viewfinder. The Olympus VF3 for the Olympus E-P3 is 920k.New LA-EA2 Phase Detect AF Lens Adapter with a translucent mirror. Super fast AF with Sony Alpha lenses including Carl Zeiss AF lenses.25 point autofocus sensors430 shot battery life - we were getting around 300 shots with the Sony NEX-5.Projected price of $699 with 18-55mm OSS Lens.

Sony NEX-5N FDA-EV1S Electroni…

Sony NEX-5N with Electronic Viewfinder

Sony NEX-5N Electronic Viewfinder (EVF)

Here is the first image of the new electronic viewfinder (EVF) on the upcoming Sony NEX-5N camera. Press the button on the NEX-5N EVF and choose between the EVF or the rear LCD for shooting. The battery life should last longer by using the EVF instead of the rear LCD. The NEX-5N EVF reportedly can be tilted for different shooting angles.

We are hoping that this is backwards compatible for the NEX-3 and NEX-5 cameras. We also have no information if this will work on the NEX-C3.

What are your thoughts on the NEX-5N EVF?

Here was our first NEX-5N post.

Thanks eddieaus!

Sony NEX Arca Swiss Cold Shoe and L-Bracket

Here are some pictures by Terry of new Arca Swiss accessories for the Sony NEX. The cold shoe adapter uses the same interface as the standard flash. Screw it in and now you have a place for an accessory viewfinder, similar to the Sony FDA-SV1.

The Arca Swiss L-bracket provides a solid platform for attaching the NEX to a tripod. The camera can easily be changed from landscape to portrait orientation without moving the tripod head.

The Arca Swiss NEX Cold Shoe and NEX L-Bracket will be released next month. The pricing has not been announced.

Thanks Terry!

Sony NEX Viewfinder with Magnifier

Doug F sent us an email showing his NEX-5 viewfinder. It's reminiscent of the Hasselblad Waist Level Finder where you focus using the lcd surrounded by a hood and if needed you can flip up a magnifier.

The components to make this viewfinder are a hacked clearviewer, the magnifying element, and a Sony NEX LCD hood. The whole unit folds up neatly and doesn't add bulk to the svelt NEX body.

If you're using manual focus lenses, shooting should be a bit faster since you don't have to magnify the image 7x or 14x.

The Doug F viewfinder is also easily detachable from the NEX-5 since it is only mounted using the LCD hood connections.

Sony NEX LCD hood.

Click here for more information on the Clearviewer.

Thanks Doug F!

DIY Lego Viewfinder for the NEX

cubie created a viewfinder for the NEX using legos and a one time use film camera. if you don't have legos, sony has the FDA-SV1 optical viewfinder for you. The FDA-SV1 can be modified to accept 3rd party viewfinders.

Thanks cubie!

Sony NEX Cold Shoe Mount from JTec

We posted about using the NEX FDA-SV1 viewfinder with third party viewfinders back in October. Now a company in Connecticut created a cold shoe mount for the NEX cameras for use with any external optical viewfinder. JTec's NEX cold shoe mount is made out of 6061 aluminum and has a spring loaded screw which mates to the NEX's flash mount thread. JTec will even anodize it in black or silver to match your NEX. The suggested retail price is $59.95.

JTec NEX Cold Shoe Mount

Sony FDA-SV1 Viewfinder for the 16mm Pancake

Find out more at

NEX FDA-SV1 and 3rd Party Viewfinders

Sony NEX-5 with a Cosina Voigtlander 12mm f/5.6 Ultra Wide-Heliar and matching ViewfinderWe learned a nice trick today from AONO2009 about the Sony NEX FDA-SV1 Optical Viewfinder - the eyepiece can be separated from the base. Now we have a cold shoe that we can mount any 3rd party viewfinders on. Make sure to account for the 1.5x crop factor when buying one, a 24mm lens means you will need a 36mm viewfinder.
Sony NEX FDA-SV1 Viewfinder Separated