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Another Sony A7s High ISO Test

Sony A7s High ISO Test by ArtBenny
ArtBenny tests the Sony A7s' high iso capability by shooting in a pitch black room. The Zeiss 55mm f/1.8 Sonnar FE lens was used for the test. He states that the A7s was still able to autofocus in such low light.

The Sony A7s will be available on July 8th and is priced at $2500.

Sony A7s with a Zeiss 24-70mm OSS Lens

Sony A7 Wired Intervalometer Hack

Sony A7 with Sony RM-VPR1 Wired Remote Control with Multi-Terminal Cable
Atte Henriksson posted a video of his wired intervalometer hack for the Sony A7. He uses a Sony RM-VPR1 to activate the A7's shutter by wire. He then connects the RM-VPR1 to a generic intervalometer timer and deed is done. He can now control the A7 by wire to take timelapse photography.

Unfortunately there is no wiring diagram but it should be simple to find out which contacts activates the shutter signal from the RM-VPR1 and which wires are the output of the intervalometer timer.

Sony A7 Wired Intervalometer via Sony RM-VPR1
Click here to see the wired intervalometer on the Sony A7 video.

Thanks Atte Henriksson

Now if we can just figure out a generic multi-terminal USB.

Here is another cable that we may work instead of the RM-VPR1. We haven't tried.

Sony VMCAVM1 A/V R Adapter Cable

Trainspotting with the 40mm M-Rokkor and Sony A7r

Here are some test shots with the Minolta 40mm f/2 M-Rokkor for the Minolta CLE. This is the multicoated version of the Leica 40mm Summicron-C. We used the very compact 40mm M-Rokkor walking around a local train museum with the Sony A7r via a Leica M lens adapter. The shots up to the handcart are all done at maximum aperture of f/2. Manual focus was very easy with using the viewfinder magnification of the A7r even in the mid-day sun. The mid-day sun also guaranteed high shutter speeds at ISO 100 and f/2. All the shots are handheld.

The shots below are at f/5.6 up to f/11. We need to test this lens more but the sweet spot is definitely at f/5.6.

The CSX 152 (GE AC4400CW diesel-electric locomotive) and the CSX 7305 (GE C40-8 [Dash 8]) was shot during the afternoon sun.

Sony A7r with a Minolta 40mm f/2 M-Rokkor via Leica M Adapter
The lens has been great on the Minolta CLE and NEX-7 and it performs well on the full-frame A7r. The lightweight and compact 40mm M-Rokkor with a fairl…

Must Have Sony A7 Accessories

Sony A7s with Movie Accessories

You may need all the accessories pictured above for you A7 but we pared down the essentials needed accessories and they are pictured below.

Extra batteries are a must. We never let the camera/battery run down to 0%. Change the battery before you miss a shot.

The A7 cameras can be charged using the supplied USB cable but it's nice to have an external battery charger.

Protection for the rear lcd screen. Avoid problems down the road.

The adaptability of the e-mount A7 cameras means lens adapters. Grab a few of these lens caps to keep those adapters sealed.

Use the fastest memory card you can buy for the A7 camera. 24mb or 36mb of data is a lot to move.

The A7 comes with a smart phone remote app but it is not as versatile as a wired or wireless remote.

Konica Hexanon 57mm 1.2 on NEX-7

We've seen what the Sony A7r can do with the Konica 57mm f/1.2, now it's the NEX-7's turn. We actually took these shots almost two years ago. The 57mm on the NEX-7's APS-C sensor produces an equivalent field of view of 86mm. The lens having such a large aperture at f/1.2 is perfect for isolating your subjects.

The shots are most likely at f/2.0 instead of wide open. We had to stop down since it was producing better results that day. We love greens that are produced by the Sony sensor and the shots below show it well.


Can you tell a big difference between the 2 year old NEX-7 shots vs the recent A7r shots? Our biggest lesson is to process your files as soon as you can.

Prototype Sony 28-135mm Zoom Lens At NAB

Sony 28-135mm f/4 G FE Cine Zoom Lens
Here is the prototype of the upcoming Sony 28-135mm f/4 G lens. It is designed for cinematography with a power zoom built into the lens. It is shown with the new 4K capable Sony A7s. See more information in the video below.