Sony NEX Focus Peaking Closer Look

Here is the Sony NEX-C3 with a manual focus Jupiter-9, 85mm f/2 lens. The NEX-C3 comes with firmware upgrade 04 and will have the focus peaking feature. As the lens' focus ring is moved from minimum focus distance (MFD) towards infinity, the LCD screen of the NEX shows red highlights or peaking. The red highlights indicate greatest sharpness. Watch as the green leaves edges turn red and as the ring is brought back towards MFD the features of the Rolleiflex Twin Lens Reflex (TLR) camera turn red as they come into focus.

This is great news for NEX users who enjoy using adapted manual focus lenses. The use of manual focus aid, zooming in at 7.5x and 15x, can be eliminated for casual focus. 7x and 14x zoom can still be useful for very critical focus. This will mean quicker captures.

Frame, focus, shoot; instead of 7.5x zoom, move focus point, focus, exit to frame, frame, and shoot.

We think that this feature will influence other manufacturers to incorporate peaking in their digital cameras to ease manual focusing.

Firmware upgrade 04 for Sony NEX-3, and NEX-5 cameras will be available for download on June 20th - we will have more information and tests on focus peaking shortly after.

sony nex focus peaking manual firmware

The red edges, peaking, of the camera strap indicates greatest sharpness.

Thanks for the video Rafiki!

Here's another view of Focus Peaking with Firmware 04 for the NEX from imagingresource.

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