Sony NEX-C3 Hands On Videos

whatdigitalcamera is nice enough to share a hands on video of the new Sony NEX-C3. You can see how much smaller the NEX-C3 is compared to the old NEX-3. The video also shows the new HVL-F20S flash for the NEX system.

We can also see the new focus peaking feature of the new FIrmware 04, available later this month, the 20th. Focus peaking highlights the image to show what is in focus. This is great help for using manual lenses on the NEX system.

Sony HVL-F20S Flash NEX hvlf20s

Sony NEX-C3 in Japan

Sony NEX-C3 and Sony SLT-A35 in Italy

Sony NEX-C3 in German from

Sony NEX-C3 Review from CNET in English

Sony NEX-C3 in Vietnamese

Sony NEX-C3 in Pink

Read more about the NEX-C3 here.

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