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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Sony Endorses Metabones Smart Adapter with Rebate Offer

sony nex fs100 fs700 metabones offer rebate

Sony is offering the Metabones Canon EF to NEX Smart Adapter II as a rebate when you purchase a Sony NEX-FS700 or NEX-FS100 NXCAM. The offer is valid now until the end of August.

End Users can receive a Metabones EF Lens to NEX Smart Adapter (MARK II), after purchases of a Sony NEX-FS700U, NEX-FS700K, NEX-FS100U and THE NEX-FS100UK series Professional Camcorder during the promotion period from a Sony Authorized Reseller, Reseller of a Sony Authorized Distributor or directly from Sony. Eligible product must be ordered by and shipped to the end user within the promotion period in order to qualify for this rebate.

Check out this old post with the Canon EF to NEX Smart Adapter used on a Sony NEX-FS100 to see the features of the lens adapter.

Sony's rebate offer is great news for Metabones. Let's hope Sony is helping out Metabones with further development of new NEX lens adapters.

For more details go to the Sony NXCAM Metabones EF Adapter Rebate Offer page.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NEX EOS Smart Adapter Review by Bryant N

Bryant N. posted his review of the Conurus EOS Smart Adapter for NEX cameras. He was impressed with the build quality, the lens release mechanism, complete control of EOS lenses by the NEX-FS100 Super 35 Camcorder, and EOS image stabilization powered by the NEX. He found a couple of bugs that were easily solved. The best part for us was the IS testing - it looks like Conurus has a winner on their hands.

sony nex eos smart adapter review

Testing EOS Image Stabilization (IS) with the NEX-FS100 NXCAM

The button on the adapter is a Wide Open button to ease manual focusing. It's called the depth of field (DOF) preview button in the video.

See our previous post about the Conurus EOS smart NEX lens adapter for more info.

Thanks Bryant N.!

Monday, February 6, 2012

NEX-FS100 vs Arri Alexa-Panasonic AF101-Canon 5d II

Sony NEX-FS100 vs by Niklan B.e.M.

Our German skills are based on Google Translate but if you are interested in filmmaking the video will be easy to translate. Niklas and his colleagues tested the Arri Alex, Canon EOS 5d Mark II, Panasonic AG-AF101 and the Sony NEX-FS100 in the following categories:
  • Rolling Shutter
  • Low Light Capability
  • Dynamic Range
  • Skin Tones
Here is what Google Translate gave us when we entered the summary from the video:

Panasonic AG-AF101 €5400
  • Poor Compression
  • Lacked Detail
  • Unnatural Look

Canon EOS 5d Mark II €2500

  • Poor Compression
  • Balanced Picture
  • Good Dynamic Range

Sony NEX-FS100 €5500

  • Good Compression
  • Natural Look
  • Good Dynamic Range

Arri Alexa €50000

  • Best Compression
  • Best Look
  • Best Dynamic Range

Thank you Niklas!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Canon EF Smart Adapter on NEX-FS100 Camcorder

Sony NEX-FS100 with Conurus Smart EF Lens Adapter

Here is a video by Luc Buelens showing the Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35mm Camcorder and the Conurus Canon EF Smart lens adapter with aperture control. The NEX-FS100 is shown to control the Canon 50mm f/1.4, 17-40L, and 70-200/f4L. Unfortunately the Canon 300mm f/4 lens did not work properly with the NEX Canon EF Smart Adapter.

Read more about the NEX EF Smart Adapter from our post here.

sony nex canon smart adapter conurus

Sony NEX-FS100 with Canon 17-40L

Check out more videos by Luc Buelens.

Thanks Luc!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sony NEX-7 Video Tips from Luminous Landscape

Sony NEX-7 with 50mm f/1.8 OSS Lens

Luminous Landscape posted their review of the NEX-7's video capabilities. They have an overall favorable review of the NEX-7. The article is very informative - read it.

Here is what they say about the NEX-7 as a video camera.
The Sony NEX-7 is a decent camera for shooting video. Like all DSLRs and CSCs it has its limitations, but it's not as bad as some. The scaling that Sony uses to go from 24MP down to about 2MP for video does produce some artifacts, but in many ways is better than the line skipping that Canon uses.
The reality is that in its price range it's an excellent choice. There are the usual video DSLR problems of moire, aliasing and rolling shutter, but no worse than many, and better than some. Indeed the highly regarded Canon 5D MKII's video quality is, in my opinion, worse than that from the NEX-7 in many respects.

Here's a summary of tips we learned from Luminous Landscape NEX-7 the Video Camera Review:
  • Set the NEX to 16:9 mode. The LCD preview will match the video for framing.
  • Shoot in M (manual mode), set the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed desired, and then rotate the variable ND until you have the appropriate exposure.
  • Equipment
    • Sony E 18-200mm OSS for a general purpose video lens, for its silent AF and OSS.
    • Sony 50mm f/1.8 OSS and Zeiss 24mm f/1.8 ZA Sonnar for speed and field of view.
  • Turn of OSS when shooting video with the NEX on a tripod.
  • For maximum malleability in color correction, set the NEX Creative Style to Natural and set Contrast, Saturation and Sharpness each to -3. Adjust color in your editing / grading software e.g. Final Cut Pro X.

Standard vs Natural Creative Style by Luminous Landscape

Serious about video?
consider the Sony FS100. It has a full raster sensor of 3.43 M pixels (2464 x 1394), which means that no scaling is required, reducing colour artifacting. The relatively large pixels also mean extreemly good low light sensitivity as well. It has a full range of cine oriented controls and features and is simply head and shoulders a better video camera than the NEX-7, or any video DSLR for the matter.

Read the complete NEX-7 Video Capabilities review with video samples at Luminous Landscape.

Thanks LuLa!

Friday, December 2, 2011

100 Words to Win an NEX-FS100 Camcorder

Evening Waltz by Philip Bloom using the NEX-FS100

100 words or less can win you an NEX-FS100 Super 35 Camcorder. Turn the ordinary into extra ordinary, describe filming and editing techniques, and have your chance at Philip Bloom to make your film.

To take part in the competition to win a Sony Professional NXCAM NEX-FS100EK super 35mm camcorder and for Philip Bloom to create your winning film, you need to submit your extra ordinary idea in no more than 100 words. The idea must take an ordinary, everyday scenario and make it extraordinary and demonstrate a particular film technique and be based on a scenario and not be location specific, although the winning entry will be created in the UK. This needs to be filmed using one camcorder, based on a one day shoot scenario.

Here is the official contest website to win a Sony NXCAM NEX-FS100.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sony NEX Camcorder Manuals PDF Download

Here are the owner's, instruction, or operator's manual for the Sony NEX-VG10, NEX-VG20, and NEX-FS100 Handycam Camcorders. The user guides below should be read by owners and perspective owners.

sony nex vg20 download pdf manual

Sony NEX-VG20 Handycam Camcorder

sony nex fs100 download pdf manual

Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35 Digital Motion Camcorder

sony nex vg10 download pdf manual

Sony NEX-VG10 Handycam Camcorder

We are using Dropbox to host the NEX manuals for free. Click here for an invite.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Zeiss babyPrimes for Sony NEX E-mount

zeiss baby primes lens zf2

Zeiss babyPrimes for Sony NEX E-mount

KelvinKamera in collaboration with Carl Zeiss AG will be producing Zeiss babyPrime lenses. babyPrimes are Zeiss ZF.2 lenses rehoused with a cinematographer in mind: clickless aperture ring for smooth iris transitions, common 95mm filter ring for use with many accessories. babyPrimes will be made in the native Sony E-mount in a "real interesting price range". This will be a nice alternative to Zeiss CP.2 Compact Prime Lenses - perfect for the new NEX-FS100 Handycam, NEX-VG10 Camcorder, and the rest of the NEX family.

Zeiss ZF.2 lenses are Zeiss lenses designed for Nikon cameras with focal lengths ranging from 18mm to 100mm. ZF.2 lenses can be used on the NEX E-mount with a Nikon to E-mount lens adapter.

sony nex zeiss babyprimes zf2

Press release from KelvinKamera:

The babyPrimes are a new rehoused film-style lenses project now in production, with delivery estimate for the end of July 2011.
  • Carl Zeiss ZF.2 high quality optics inside, robust and reliable construction for professional use.
  • Full-Frame coverage (24 x 36mm) for all the focal lengths 18 to 100mm (50and 100mm makro).
  • No need for adapter solutions anymore, special custom stainless-steel interchangeable mounts.
  • Four different mounts available (EF, F, E and MTF Mount), open to future applications.
  • Improved ergonomics with left and right side meter/feet, iris scales with enhanced graphics.
  • Consistent front diameter of 95mm, for simplified use of lightweight 4X4/4x5,65 matteboxes and filters.
  • Independent filmmakers price range, different set choices and upgrades.
  • Special ultra-lightweight dedicated clip-on matte box available with the different kit solutions.
  • Custom rehousing engineering made in Italy.
For more informations and reservations:

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sony NEX-FS100 vs DSLR vs Micro Four Thirds

sony nxcam super35 features fs100

Sony NXCAM Super 35mm Features

Juan Martinez, NXCAM Sr. Product Manager, discusses the features and benefits of the Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35 NXCAM. He discusses the differences between the NEX-FS100, NEX-5/3/VG10, Canon DSLRs, and micro four thirds cameras. He also touches on E-mount advantages, upcoming lenses, and other video features that are beyond us.

sony nex fs100 vs canon 5dii

Sony NEX-FS100 vs DSLR Video

You can check out more videos at the Sony VideON site.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sony NEX Birger EOS Lens Adapter

Birger EOS Adapter on Sony NEX-FS100 NXCAM

sony nex birger engineering eos lens controller

DSLR News Shooter was at National Association of Broadcasters 2011 Convention in Las Vegas and was shown the Birger Engineering Canon EOS to Sony NEX E-mount adapter prototype. The Birger adapter allows for full control of aperture and focusing of EOS lenses by any NEX camera. Canon IS (Image Stabilization) will also be supported by the adapter. Unfortunately this wasn't shown in the video since most videographers use manual focus.

A Follow Focus unit which allows for remote control of the EOS lens' aperture and focusing will also be available as an accessory from Birger.

The Birger EOS to NEX adapter also has a graphical user interface which shows the status of the EOS lens.

sony nex birger adapter interface

The Birger Engineering Canon EOS to Sony NEX adapter will be around $700 and will be released in the end of May. The Follow Focus unit will be released in the summer and will be about $700 as well.

Birger Engineering is also working on a Nikon lens controller, which they plan to release in November 2011.

Check out Birger Engineering for more information.

Thanks Dan Chung and DSLR News Shooter!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sony NEX-FS100 Camcorder Details from VideoCobra

Check out VideoCobra as he discusses in detail the features, ergonomics, and controls of the new Sony NEX-FS100 NXCAM camcorder. Check out or previous NEX-FS100 post for more detail and literature on this new NXCAM camcorder.

sony nex fs100 camcorder zeiss alpha

NEX-FS100 with an LA-EA1 adapter and a Sony Zeiss Lens

sony nex fs100 camcorder zeiss cp2 lens

NEX-FS100 with a Zeiss Compact Prime CP.2 Lens

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Zeiss Compact Prime Lenses for NEX E-mount Announced

sony nex zeiss compact prime cp.2 lens

Carl Zeiss 85/2.1 Compact Prime on Sony NEX-VG10 by farwesttexasphotog from CP+

Carl Zeiss Cinematography officially announced that the Compact Prime CP.2 lenses will be available in the Sony NEX E-mount. CP.2 lenses have interchangeable mounts and with the short register distance of the NEX an adapter or mount was easily made. The NEX and the CP.2 combination was first shown in Japan at the CP Plus convention. This is great news for videographers who use the NEX-VG10 and the new NEX-FS100.

zeiss compact prime sony nex e-mount adapter

Sony NEX E-mount for Zeiss CP.2 Lenses

Zeiss has instructions on how to replace the lens mounts of Compact Prime CP.2 lenses to E-mount if you already have the set.
replace zeiss compact prime cp.2 lens mount

carl zeiss compact primes cp.2 focal lengths

carl zeiss compact primes cp.2 focal lengths

Focal Lengths of Zeiss Compact Prime Lenses (larger image)

The Zeiss Compact Prime lenses are available in the following focal lengths and apertures:
  • CP.2 18mm f/2.6
  • CP.2 21mm f/2.9
  • CP.2 25mm f/2.9
  • CP.2 28mm f/2.1
  • CP.2 35mm f/2.1
  • CP.2 50mm f/2.1
  • CP.2 50mm f/2.1 Macro
  • CP.2 85mm f/2.1
  • CP.2 100mm f/2.1 Close Focus

Here is the press release from Carl Zeiss Cinematography:
OBERKOCHEN/Germany, 30.03.2011.
During the NAB Trade Show in Las Vegas from April 9-14, 2011, Carl Zeiss will present two new mounts for the Compact Prime CP.2 lenses:
the E mount and the MFT mount. The MFT mount is particularly suitable for the new corresponding professional camcorders, while the brand-new E mount is perfect for the new Sony cameras like the Super 35 mm NXCAM camcorder. The MFT mount has been available since March. The new E mount is expected to be available beginning in June. Exactly a year ago, Carl Zeiss introduced the Compact Prime CP.2 series during the NAB Show in Las Vegas. They are the first lenses with interchangeable mount developed specially for filming with HDSLR cameras. Since then, there has been significant demand for these lenses among cinematographers and still photographers adding new video services. Carl Zeiss is now adding a new chapter to its Compact Prime CP.2 success story.

“With these new mounts, we respond to many of our customers’ wishes asking to use the lenses on these new HD video cameras,” said Holger Sehr, Product Manager for Cinematography lenses at Carl Zeiss AG, Camera Lens Division. “Thanks to the interchangeable mounts, now for five different camera systems — PL, EF, MFT, F and E mount — our Compact Prime CP.2 lenses deliver superb flexibility, can be used in many different market segments, and are attractive for both end-customers and rental houses.”

With the interchangeable mount and the 24x36 mm full-format image circle illumination, these latest members of Carl Zeiss compact lens family are extremely versatile. During the NAB Show, Carl Zeiss will present all nine fixed focal lengths of Compact Prime CP.2 series from 18 to 100 mm, which thanks to the new mounts can be used for a wide range of cameras — from SLR to professional camcorders through to professional cine and television film cameras. Moreover, the Compact Prime CP.2 lenses are highly compact with a robust construction, so that they can withstand any demand of cinematographers and photographers on the set.

Click here for more information on Carl Zeiss Compact Prime Lenses.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sony NEX-FS100 Super 35mm Camcorder Released

sony nex fs100 nxcam camcorder

Sony NEX-FS100 NXCAM Super 35mm Camcorder

Cozi Video from Hangman Studios

Here is the newest NEX camera, the Sony NEX-FS100 NXCAM camcorder. The camera shares the same sensor as the Sony PMW-F3 in Super 35mm format, which is 13.3 x 23.6 mm (0.52 x 0.93 inch) in size. The lens mount is the NEX's E-mount which gives maximum lens adaptability due to it's short 18 mm (0.71 inch) flange-back distance. NEX E-mount lenses, Sony Alpha lenses, and various 3rd party lens makers including Leica and Zeiss are all adaptable. The NEX-FS100 has a crop factor of 1.5x which differs from the other NEX cameras with their 1.8x crop factor when in video mode.

The list price for the body only NEX-FS100U is $5,850.00 and the NEX-FS100UK with the SEL 18-200mm OSS lens is $6,550.

The release of the NEX-FS100 is great news for NEX users since this ensures the more lenses will come for the E-mount. We'll add more information as we get them.

The NEX-FS100 is an interchangeable lens camcorder featuring a Super 35mm sensor equivalent in size to Super35mm film like that used in the PMW-F3, and a Sony E-Mount 18 to 200mm zoom lens. Developed specifically as a digital motion camcorder it is capable of producing footage with shallow depth of field similar to that of a film camera and capture with high image fidelity.

For more information on the FS100 Camcorder:

Videos shot with the NEX-FS100 from F Stop Academy

sony nex fs100 nxcam camcorder