Sony NEX Birger EOS Lens Adapter

Birger EOS Adapter on Sony NEX-FS100 NXCAM

sony nex birger engineering eos lens controller

DSLR News Shooter was at National Association of Broadcasters 2011 Convention in Las Vegas and was shown the Birger Engineering Canon EOS to Sony NEX E-mount adapter prototype. The Birger adapter allows for full control of aperture and focusing of EOS lenses by any NEX camera. Canon IS (Image Stabilization) will also be supported by the adapter. Unfortunately this wasn't shown in the video since most videographers use manual focus.

A Follow Focus unit which allows for remote control of the EOS lens' aperture and focusing will also be available as an accessory from Birger.

The Birger EOS to NEX adapter also has a graphical user interface which shows the status of the EOS lens.

sony nex birger adapter interface

The Birger Engineering Canon EOS to Sony NEX adapter will be around $700 and will be released in the end of May. The Follow Focus unit will be released in the summer and will be about $700 as well.

Birger Engineering is also working on a Nikon lens controller, which they plan to release in November 2011.

Check out Birger Engineering for more information.

Thanks Dan Chung and DSLR News Shooter!

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