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First Snaps with the Sony A7r

Here are our first snaps from the Sony A7r. The 90mm f/2.8 lens from the Contax G was perfect for our trip to the nursery. The camera was set to shoot raw. These images were sent to the smartphone via the Sony A7r's WiFi and NFC feature. SnapSpeed from Google was then used to tweak the files and here are the results.

The wireless transfer of files are so easy that we are thinking of getting the EyeFi memory card for the NEX-7.

More on the A7r in the days to come.

HBO's True Detective Featuring the NEX-5

Woody Harrelson as Detective Martin Eric "Marty" Hart and the NEX-5

First let me say that I have not finished True Detective yet so please do not say anything about the story. We saw the camera on a tripod instantly featured during the interrogation scenes. The NEX-5 was used to record the interviews of Detective Hart and Detective Rustin Spencer "Rust" Cohle played by Matthew McConaughey. True Detective ended the 1st season with 8 episodes - will the NEX make it to the next season?

How Good is the Sony 28-70mm FE OSS Lens?

Sony A7 Kit with 28-70mm Lens

iso.light wanted to see how good the Sony 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 FE OSS Lens was. In order to test this he compared the lens against the Zeiss Vario-Tessar T* FE 24-70mm F4 ZA OSS Lens

from iso.light:
So the question arose: should I get the Zeiss 24-70mm zoom lens? What improvements would it bring over the kit lens? Is that really worth 1200$?

Well, you tell me! Here are some comparisons pictures, all shot with a tripod and the OSS turned off. The same focal length and other settings were selected on each lens (at least that’s what the EXIF says) and I tried to change the lenses as fast as possible between the shots.
There are 5 pairs labelled A & B, in no particular order. I’m interested to see which picture you prefer? They all have been edited inLightRoom with exactly the same settings for each pair (note that no lens correction was applied as LR5.3 has no profile for the Zeiss yet). There are no right or wrong answers, you can either try to guess the …

Save $460 on Sony A7 Cameras at B&H Photo

Sony and B&H Photo are giving a $460 credit when you buy a Sony A7 and also trade in an old camera.

Click on this link and add an A7 or A7r to your cart and see the $460 discount.

You can also add FE lenses for further discounts. The Sony 55mm f/1.8 Sonnar FE, aka mini-Otus, will be $200 less.

Sony A7 Firmware 1.02 Upgrade Download is Live

Firmware 1.02 for the Sony A7 cameras is now live and ready for download. Go to your local Sony Support Website to download your firmware. Here is the Sony Australia Firmware Download Page.

Read the instructions multiple times to familiarize yourself.

Thank you for your continued interest in Sony products.

Sony is offering a firmware upgrade for Interchangeable Lens Digital Camera ILCE-7R.

Improvements after firmware upgrade

Provides support for SEL70200G
- Improves auto focus speed
- Adds functions including the "Focus hold button"
Reduces start-up time
- The start-up time has been reduced in cases when the camera is switched on immediately after being switched off.
Improves image quality
Provides support for additional ”Play Memories Camera Apps” and additional features for previously supported apps.
-Provides support for "Liveview Grading" and "Smooth Reflection" applications.
-Provides support for the smooth automatic exposure feature in the "T…

Sony a6000 vs Alpha a65 vs NEX-7 Autofocus Speed

Sony a6000 vs Sony alpha a65 Focus Lock

Sony a6000 vs Sony alpha a65 vs NEX-7 Focus Lock
Sony Korea puts the new 11 frame per second Sony a6000 up against the 10 frame per second Alpha a65 and the NEX-7. The a6000 best both cameras because of two new features.

Ultra-fast Response
Capture the perfect moment – the a6000 realizes 11 frames per second continuous shooting with AF (Auto Focus) tracking by making the most of the wide-area 179-point phase-detection AF sensor. Even when dealing with a moving subject the a6000's superb moving-subject tracking performance ensures you get the shot during still or video capture.

The Fastest Focusing Camera in the World
Enhanced Fast Hybrid auto focus combines speedy phase-detection AF with highly accurate contrast-detection AF, which has been accelerated through a new Spatial Object Detection algorithm, to achieve among the fastest autofocusing performance of any full-frame camera in the world6. First, phase-detection AF with 179 densely placed…