Film To Digital Konica S3 Rangefinder with Sony NEX-5 Sensor

frankencamera konica s3 rangefinder sony nex-5

Frankencamera by Oliver Baker

Give Oliver Baker an NEX-5, a Konica S3 fixed lens rangefinder, and a 3D Printer and what do you get? The Frankencamera.

Oliver combined the mechanical features of the Konica S3 RF and the digital components of the NEX-5 to create a new camera. The back of the S3 was replaced with a 3D printed replica, via selective laser sintering. The new back holds the NEX-5 sensor and related electronics.

Turning on the Frankencamera

In order to take a shot mechanical and electrical components work in concert. The camera is turned on using the film rewind lever wheel. The film advance lever activates the NEX-5 into Bulb mode and cocks the mechanical shutter. The shutter button of the Konica triggers the leaf shutter of the 38mm f/1.8 lens and ends the NEX-5's Bulb mode.

You can

Taking a shot with the Frankencamera

Great job Oliver!

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