Sony A7s First Impressions by Luminous Landscapes

sony a7s first impression luminous landscape

Sony A7s with Zeiss 24-70mm FE ZA

Luminous Landscapes gives us their first impressions with the new low-light king, the Sony A7s. Read their A7s first impression here. They provide samples between the Sony A7s and the A7r to test the A7s' low light capability. Video capability is also discussed.

Here are some interesting quotes that we found.

  • Sony is producing more new and interesting cameras, in more categories, and with more new technology than the two market leaders combined.
  • a 12MP file from the A7s can be printed at a size of 16 X 24" when upressed to 360ppi.
  • There is something to the look of A7s files that reminds me of medium format,
  • At ISO 51,200 the A7s is quite usable with some moderate noise reduction
  • My only complaint is that the interface team at Sony forgot to add this feature (Electronic Shutter) to the twelve position Function menu.
    • Why not just keep Electronic Shutter as the default?

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