Sony A7 Mounted on the Rhinocam

sony a7r rhinocam vizelex 645 panorama

Sony A7 with Rhinocam (Ground glass removed)

Here's a video showing how to mount the Sony A7 camera onto a Vizelex Rhinocam. The Rhinocam was designed for e-mount NEX cameras. Due to the viewfinder location of the A7, there is interference when the camera us rotated to portrait mode for 645 shots. This is resolved by removing the ground glass found on the Rhinocam. It provides a quick view for framing only and does not affect the final image.

How To Mount the Sony A7 on the Rhinocam

Here was our previous post on the Rhinocam with an introduction and walk-through video.

sony a7 nex rhinocam
sony a7 nex rhinocam

Vizelex Rhinocam by Fotodiox

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