Cambo Actus Sony E-Mount View Camera

sony a7 view camera cambo actus

Cambo ACTUS - a compact view camera made for the Sony A7 cameras.

ACTUS is based on the X2 Pro View Camera System

The Cambo ACTUS is a view camera system with E-mount compatibility. This allows us to have tilt and shift movement using the Sony A7, a6000, or NEX cameras. Cambo has the X2 Pro which is made for DSLRs, the ACTUS is half the weight and around 40% less in size than the X2 Pro.

Pictures shown are not final.

sony a7 view camera cambo actus

ACTUS provides Front Tilt and Swing and Rear Shift

from Capture Integration:
Cambo is proud to announce the new compact ACTUS View Camera. The Actus is a new technology camera system designed for mirrorless cameras, such as the Sony Alpha 7 series. Cambo is working on the final product developments before the official announcement in the upcoming weeks. Read below for the specs that we have today.

The system is expected to ship in early July. Depending on the configuration, the core system will be available in the ballpark of 1,500€.

The core system will include the camera, bellows, bayonet, and the customers choice of Sony, Canon or Nikon mount. This design offers advantages over the X2 platform. According to Cambo’s product managers, the system offers easy rotation and simplified bayonet designs.

sony a7 view camera cambo actus

Sony A7 and Cambo ACTUS showing Front Tilt

Cambo ACTUS E-mount Specs:

Dimensions:  5.9 x 3.9 x 6.7 inches (150 x 100 x 170 mm)
Weight: approximately 2.2 pounds (1.0 kg)

  • Front Swing: 360 degrees
  • Front Tilt: 22 degrees ( 12 / 10 )
  • Rear shift vertical: 27 mm (12 / 15)
  • Rear shift horizontal: 40 mm (20 / 20)
  • Focus travel:  up to 125mm (Sony E-mount)

  • Copal 0
  • m39 Leica thread
  • Hasselblad C bayonet
  • Mamiya RZ/RB bayonet
  • Mamiya 645 Pro bayonet
  • Leica R bayonet

Check out more information on the E-mount Cambo ACTUS at Capture Integration.

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