Sony DSC-RX1 Specs Revised and Misc. Info

It looks like Sony is still massaging the Sony DSC-RX1 features. The RX1's top shutter speed has been raised to 1/4000 sec when the aperture is f/5.6 or smaller on the Carl Zeiss 35mm Sonnar lens. The shutter speed is 1/2000s when the lens aperture is larger than f/5.6 down to f/2.

Zeiss 35mm Sonnar's 9 Aperture Blades Create a Circular Shape

The other revision to the RX1 is the focus wheel on the front of the camera. The production RX1 will let you select from Autofocus (AF), Direct Manual Focus (DMF), and Manual Focus (MF). DMF Mode allows the user to fine tune AF by adjusting the manual focus ring on the lens after the RX1 has locked focus.

sony dsc rx1 focus wheel revised

Focus Wheel Changed on Sony RX1

We found a few more images of some DSC-RX1 accessories.

What Comes with the FDA-V1K Zeiss 35mm Optical Viewfinder

RX1 Thumbgrip TGA-1 Swings Open to Access Buttons

Here is a new sample image from the Sony RX1. Click for the full 24 mp, 6000x4000 pixel image.

sony rx1 sample image

DSC-RX1 ISO 100 1/15s f/4.0 +0.7 EV

Other miscellaneous DSC-RX1 info:
  • 1.4x Smart Teleconverter = 49mm EFOV
  • 2x Smart Teleconverter = 70mm EFOV
  • Video Focal Lengths
    • 16:9 Video: 44mm with stabilization ON, 37mm with it OFF
    • 4:3 Video: 48mm with stabilization ON, 45mm with it OFF

Below is a video showing the full frame advantage by Focus Pulling.

Full Frame Advantage Exemplified by the NEX-VG900

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