Windows Phone Wallpapers by Sony NEX and Levi Freeman

sony nex windows phone wallpaper download

Here's a nice story of a NEX photographer and graphic designer, Levi Freeman, getting recognized by the Windows Phone design team. Mr. Freeman carries the designation of producing the first set of official Windows Phone wallpapers with the design team's full endorsement.

from the Windows Phone blog:
Our fans have created some fantastic Windows Phone wallpapers over the years. Today we’re unveiling a new nature series from Windows Phone fan and London-based graphic designer Levi Freeman. What’s unique about these is that they’re the first to carry our design team’s official seal of approval. We also hope they’re the first of many collaboration efforts with artists to come.
Read the official Windows Phone announcement here.

from Levi Freeman
This is the short account of the story behind how my photographs ended up on Windows Phone. It explains the beginnings, meetings and the joy of shooting with my camera knowing full well that millions of people will perhaps set them as their own lock screen wallpaper. As well as the wallpapers themselves.
Read Levi Freeman's story here with the set of wallpapers. The link describes how you can easily download these wallpapers to your Windows Phone.

Here are some samples of Levi's official Windows Phone wallpapers.

sony nex windows phone wallpaper download

sony nex windows phone wallpaper download

sony nex windows phone wallpaper download

Levi Freeman's Official Windows Phone Wallpapers

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