NEX Shift Adapter for Nikon Lenses

sony nex nikon shift lens adapter

NEX Shift Adapter for Nikon Lenses

Here is a Kipon shift lens adapter for NEX cameras. At the moment it is only available for Nikon F lenses. Here is the eBay auction for the Kipon shift adapter for NEX cameras. Let's hope more mounts for the shift adapter will be available soon.

Here is how Canon describes shift:
To explain Shift, the example of photographing a building exterior is an easy one for most to follow. Normally, if you use a wide-angle lens and try to photograph a fairly tall building, you’d aim the camera upward to include all of the building in the frame. The problem? In aiming the camera upward, you introduce a perspective distortion. The sides of the building bow inward, giving a sort of pyramid-like effect. In our everyday photography, we’ve seen this so much that we’re usually acclimated to it and accept it. But to a critical professional, there are times when this distortion is not acceptable. Here is where a shift lens comes in.

With the lens’s movements all set to their centered “zero” position, the camera is aimed carefully at the building, with critical attention paid to insure that the vertical lines and sides of the building are perfectly straight. (Parenthetically, the new Live View feature of current EOS digital SLRs, combined with its on-screen Grid Lines display, is ideal for this type of use.) However, with the sides of the building straight, there’s a catch — the lens is pointed straight ahead, and we can’t see the top of the building. Shift now comes into play. Simply turn the shift knob to raise the front section of the lens upward, and the entire image begins to rise in the finder or on the Live View display. But since the entire camera isn’t being tilted upward to achieve this, the lines remain straight. Of course, tripod mounting is ideal for this type of use, but it can be seen even in hand-held applications.

You can also see shift in action in the Adorama Tilt-Shift Lens video below.

sony nex nikon shift lens adapter

12mm of Shift Adjustment

Tilt Shift Lens Tutorial from AdoramaTV

sony nex nikon shift lens adapter

Check out the NEX Tilt Adapters that we've posted previously.

Thanks Canon, Adorama, and eBay!

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