Sony NEX-7 vs 5D Mark III vs D800 DxOMark Sensor Battle

sony nex-7 5d d800 dxo

Let's see how the Sony NEX-7's APS-C (23.5x15.6mm) sensor does against the latest generation of full frame (24x36mm) sensors. DxOMark rates the NEX-7's sensor at 81 and the new Canon 5d Mark III garnered the same score. The Nikon D800's sensor, made by Sony, gets a score of 95 - the highest on DxOMark for a full frame camera.

The NEX-7 provides a slight advantage in dynamic range against the 5d MkIII at low ISOs - 320 and under. Color depth is a push between the two cameras and the 5d MkIII's larger sensor and larger pixel pitch gives it the edge at high ISO shots.

Take a closer look at the DxOMark comparison for yourself. Overall the NEX-7 is still one of the best APS-C sensors. It provides a great sensor in a neat versatile little package.

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