NEX-5N Clicking Noise in Video Mode?

Update: Sony USA will fix clicking noise.

Have you noticed clicking in your NEX-5N videos? If you haven't, don't worry yourself. But if you have, JogBird has some suggestions in keeping the clicking noise at bay.
  • Keep the camera steady and pan smoothly. Shaky videos are not easy to watch so this should be easy to practice.
  • Use the ECM-SST1 External Microphone. This will not amplify sounds coming from inside the NEX-5N's body.

sony nex-5n ecm sst1 microphone

Sony NEX-5N with ECM-SST1 External Microphone

Panasonic GF3 Also Clicking During Video.

Thanks to Tom H, JogBird, and snapperbox for the videos.

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