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NEX-VG10 vs Canon 5D mkII vs Panasonic GH1

Let's see how the Sony NEX-VG10 Handycam does against the Canon 5d Mark II and the Panasonic GH1 in this quick comparison.

Sony NEX Kipon Tilt Lens Adapters Available

So how do you achieve the selective focus as seen in the video above? It is done with by tilting the lens so that it is not parallel to the image sensor, aka the Scheimpflug principle.

Kipon released 4 tilt adapters for the Sony NEX cameras. Contax / Yashica, Leica R, M42, and Nikon F manual focus lenses can be adapted and tilted on the Sony NEX. They are available on eBay and Amazon.

Sony NEX to Contax / Yashica Lens Tilt Adapter

Sony NEX to Nikon F Lens Tilt Adapter
Sony NEX to M42 Lens Tilt Adapter
Sony NEX to Leica R Lens Tilt Adapter

NEX 3D Sweep Panorama StereoPhotoMaker Tutorial

If you don't have a 3D TV yet, here's a way to view your Sony NEX 3D pictures.

Sony NEX 3D Sweep Panorama to Wobble 3D via StereoPhotoMakerDownload the latest version of StereoPhotoMaker by Masuji SUTO.
Extract the file into a directory.Copy an MPO (multi-picture object) file created with 3D Panorama Sweep from the Sony NEX camera with ver. 02 firmware into the directory in step #2.Drag and drop the MPO file onto stphmkre.exe.StereoPhotoMaker will open up with the Left and Right image of your NEX 3D MPO file.To view with Red-Blue 3D glasses, click on Stereo > ColorAnaglyph > Optimized Anaglyph.To view as a wobble 3D image, click on Stereo > Single Image View > Flashing. Adjust the speed to your preference.You can resize the final output by clicking Edit > Resize. Enter your preference and make sure to Keep the Aspect Ratio.To save the anaglyph of the NEX 3D MPO file, perform step #6, then click on File > Save Stereo Image. The save dialog will pop up, press …

Sony NEX-VG10 Shoots 1080p 30fps Not Interlaced

This hands on video of the Sony NEX-VG10 is good except for the errors. The VG10 does not shoot interlaced, rather it shoots at 1080p at 30 fps. The data is then distributed in AVCHD 1080i 60fps. Open up the video in any video editor and you will see the 1080p 30fps file. The VG10 uses Progressive Segmented Frames to convert the 1080p file to a more consumer friend 1080i.

from wikipedia, Progressive segmented Frame:
Progressive segmented Frame (PsF, sF, SF) is a scheme designed to acquire, store, modify, and distribute progressive-scan video using interlaced equipment and media.

With PsF, a progressive frame is divided into two segments, with the odd lines in one segment and the even lines in the other segment. Technically, the segments are equivalent to interlaced fields, but unlike native interlaced video, there is no motion between the two fields that make up the video frame: both fields represent the same instant in time. This technique allows for a progressive picture to be proc…

The Best Goalie in the World and the NEX-5

Iker Casillas, the captain and goalie of the 2010 World Cup Winners Spain and Real Madrid, is on vacation in San Francisco with two beautiful things, Sara Carbonero and the Sony NEX-5.

Thanks Kickette!

Sony NEX-5 Disassembled for Infrared Photos

PG took the scalpel to the Sony NEX-5 in order to the remove the Infrared filter for Infrared Photography. Let's see what's inside the hard candy shell.

Cracking the NEX-5 shell.
NEX-5 Control wheel.
NEX-5 Main Board (top).
NEX-5 Chips.

NEX-5 main board (bottom).
NEX-5 Sensor Heat Sink.
Removing the NEX-5 Infrared Filter.

More sample infrared photos by PG.

Check out more sample Infrared photos from the NEX-5 by PG and the NEX-5 disassembly gallery. Thanks PG!

Sony NEX-5 vs Canon Rebel T2i 550d

Fontaine V put up the smaller sensored Canon EOS Rebel T2i aka 550d against the Sony NEX-5 to see which one would be a more ideal travel companion. As you can see from the photos below, the Sony NEX-5 provides slightly more compact package. The NEX-5 and the E 18-200mm OSS travel kit is also more robust with a mostly metal construction compared to the polycarbonate clad Rebel T2i and EF-S 18-200mm lens.

Let's see who wins the weight loss battle between the Sony NEX and the Canon Rebel T2i:
Canon Rebel T2i (550d) 1.17 lb (530 g) + Canon EF-S 18-200mm lens 1.31 lb (595 g) = 2.48 lb (1.12 kg)Sony NEX-5 0.63 lb (287 g) + Sony E 18-200mm OSS 1.16 lb (524 g) = 1.79 lb (0.81 kg)
The Sony NEX-5 and 18-200mm OSS lens wins by being 39% (0.69 lb, 313 g) lighter than the Canon competitor. The bigger sensor in the smaller package wins.

You can also get the E 18-200 OSS with the Sony NEX-VG10 Handycam.

Thanks Fontaine V!

Sony NEX-5 with Minolta MD 1600mm RF Lens

Here is the Sony NEX-5 paired up with a Minolta MD 1600mm Reflex Lens with the use of the LE-EA1 adapter and an MD to A mount adapter. Far from the 7200mm lens but this 2400mm equivalent combination is easier to carry and focus.

thanks kennyohngu!

Aki Asahi Leather Cases for the NEX

Aki Asahi has some nice leather goods in many different colors, textures, and finishes for the Sony NEX cameras. They have cases for the NEX-5 and NEX-3, but they do restrict the swivel screen. The leather and stitching look great in the pictures. The pricing, depending on the model of the camera and options, for the case run from ¥8400 to ¥11100, which is $98 to $130.

Sony NEX-5 with the Moss Green Leather Case

Sony NEX-3 with a Black Leather Case and Red StitchingThey also make a very useful leather grip for the Sony NEX-3. It's very reasonably priced at ¥1300, which is around $15. The leather looks great on the white NEX-3.

Leather Grips for the Sony NEX-3
Check out Aki-Asahi for more information. Aki-Asahi has been around for a while making replacement leather for cameras as well as cases.

NEX-5 with Nikkor Lenses Video

polispol and DoP took out the Sony NEX-5 and tested out some Nikkor lenses. The adapter used was the Kipon Nikon to NEX E-mount. The lenses used were the 85mm f/1.8 and 50mm f/1.4. Great bokeh from a couple of fast lenses.

Thanks for the email pol!

Sony E 18-200 OSS Reviewed by Photozone

Photozone posted their review of the new E-mount 18-200mm with Optical SteadyShot for the NEX system. The positives are the build quality, looks, and handling. The resolution goes from very fine to good throughout the zoom range. It has low vignetting, and average distortion and chromatic aberration, which can be fixed with software processing. Photozone, using their 5 star scale, gave the E 18-200mm OSS 3 stars for optical quality, 4 stars for mechanical quality, and 4 stars for price and performance.

Read the full review at Photozone.

Sony NEX-5 18-200mm OSS Kit

Fontaine V. posted his Sony NEX-5H kit, which is the Sony NEX-5 camera in black with the E 18-200mm f/3.5-6.3 OSS lens. The official part number seems to be the NEX-5H.

The rare Sony NEX Body Cap spotted below.

Some sample photos from the NEX-5 18-200mm Combo.

Check out more pictures by Fontaine V.

Order the E-mount 18-200 OSS Zoom Lens Here.