Sony NEX Linux Source Codes

We are not Linux savvy so we have no idea what these do and how we can use them. Hopefully someone out there can help us.

Here are the Linux Packages that are available for download:
  • linux-kernel.tar.gz
  • sony-target-dev-procps-3.2.7-040501.src.rpm
  • sony-target-srel-busybox-1.4.2-040502di2.src.rpm
  • sony-target-srel-diffutils-2.8.1-040501.src.rpm
  • sony-target-srel-dosfstools-2.11-040501.src.rpm
  • sony-target-srel-e2fsprogs-1.40.4-040501.src.rpm
  • sony-target-srel-hostname-2.13-040501.src.rpm
  • sony-target-srel-lrzsz-0.12.20-040501.src.rpm
  • sony-target-srel-netbase-4.21-040501.src.rpm
  • sony-target-srel-pump-0.8.15-3.src.rpm
Download them through the Sony Source Code Distribution Service.

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