Novoflex Adapters for Sony NEX E-mount Available

Just checked the Novoflex website and the Sony NEX E-mount adapters are now available for ordering. A new lens mount they adapted to the Sony NEX E-mount is the Pentax 6x7 lens system. The following adapters are available for the E-mount:

  • Canon (NEX/CAN)
  • Contax / Yashica (NEX/CONT)
  • Leica M (NEX/LEM)
  • Leica R (NEX/LER)
  • M42 (NEX/CO)
  • Sony Alpha / Minolta AF (NEX/MIN-AF)*
  • Minolta MD (NEX/MIN-MD)
  • Nikon (NEX/NIK)*
  • Olympus OM (NEX/OM)
  • Pentax 6x7 (NEXA + PENTRING 67)
  • Pentax K (NEX/PENT)*
  • T2 (NEX/T2)

*The models NEX/NIK, NEX/MIN-AF, and NEX/PENT (for Nikon, Sony Alpha / Minolta AF and Pentax K lenses) are equipped with an integrated aperture control ring and can also be used with lenses that do not come with manual aperture control ring anymore.

Go to the Novoflex Website for more information. They do not show delivery information as of yet though.

Some Pentax 6x7 lenses:

pentax 6x7 lenses

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