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Sony NEX-7 with Rokkor-M Konica and Contax Lens

Sony NEX-7 ISO 800 with 18-55mm OSS @52mm f/5

We posted earlier about our trip to Unique Photo to see the new Sony NEX-7. It was an open house with Sony representatives exhibiting the new Alpha and NEX cameras, Sony lenses, and flash guns.

There was a lot of interest with the new cameras so our time with the NEX-7 was curtailed. The Sony representatives were all very helpful allowing lens changes and personal memory card usage to grab some images of the pre-production NEX-7.

The brief time with the NEX-7 was great. Since the NEX-5 was our main camera, it's been a while since we used a viewfinder. The NEX-7's EVF was a new experience. It felt odd in the beginning putting a small electronic screen up to your eye but we adjusted by the end of the night. We didn't have time to adjust the diopter, which we should have. All the information from the rear LCD is translated to the 2.36 million dot, 0.5" XGA OLED EVF. The EVF and slightly larger body of the NEX-7 made shoo…

Sony NEX-3 with Konica Hexanon 40mm 1.8

Konica Hexanon AR (AutoReflex) 40 mm / F1.8

zackiedawg shows us his Sony NEX-3 with a Konica Hexanon AR 40mm f/1.8. This is considered a pancake lens but with the Konica Hexanon AR to Sony E-mount lens adapter being almost as big as the lens, the term pancake is negated. It is still a lightweight solution for a 60mm equivalent low light lens on the NEX.
Here are some sample photos by zackiedawg of the NEX and the Hexanon AR 40mm at various apertures.
Aperture = f/1.8

Aperture = 5.6

Crop of above

Aperture = f/1.8

Aperture = f/1.8

Aperture = f/1.8

Aperture = f/8

Thanks zackiedawg!