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Sony NEX Discount on Bundles

Sony NEX Twin Lens Bundle $150 Discount

Sony is offering a nice deal on NEX cameras and camcorders. $150 is taken of the price when the 16mm Pancake is purchased with a NEX camera and the 18-55mm OSS kit lens. The deal applies to the NEX-5N, and NEX-C3 cameras, and NEX-VG10 Camcorder.

The NEX-5 twin lens bundle also adds the LCS-U10 case and an 8GB SD Card.

$150 off Sony NEX bundles

Sony NEX-3 Kit $299 Half Price

Frys in the west coast is selling the Sony NEX-3 with 18-55mm Lens Kit at a great discount. The NEX-3 Kit is selling at half the price, $299, of MSRP, $599. It is currently selling at $499 at Amazon. We will see more of these closeout deals since the NEX-3's replacement, the NEX-C3 is already available.

The deal is only available at a Fry's brick and mortar store. Happy hunting!

Sony NEX-3 $399 Canadian Bargain?

Click this link to You will see an error page come up, but at the right hand corner of the page you will see a red Sony NEX-3 with 18-55mm OSS lens for $399 CAD. The current price at Amazon is $549. Click add to cart and you should see the image below. Check out and hope that it comes in the mail.

Save 20% on Lowepro Camera Bags for the NEX

Here are two bags designed by Lowepro for the NEX cameras. The first is the Adventura 120 which is made to carry the dual lens kit. The second one is the Adventura 100 which is more compact than the 120. It looks to us that the 100 can carry both lenses, with the 16mm pancake detached.

Use code LP20SAVE to get 20% off any Lowepro camera bag at Amazon.

Lowepro Adventura 120

Lowepro Adventura 100

Sony NEX-5 Dual Lens Kit Available on Amazon

Sony NEX-5 Dual Lens Kit Box
You can now save some tax money by buying the Sony NEX-5 Dual Lens Kit from Amazon. The kit comes with the NEX-5, 16mm pancake lens, 18-55mm OSS lens, rear lens cap, lens hood, flash, battery, charger and strap. The total comes to $799 which comes with free shipping and since it's Amazon, sales tax will not be charged. That is $150 less than buying the single lens kit and the 2nd lens separately.

Photo from NEX-5 unboxing by Alpha Mark.

Save $150 on Sony NEX Bundles

SonyStyle is offering a $150 discount on Sony NEX-3/NEX-5 twin lens bundles. The bundle consists of either a NEX-5 or NEX-3, 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS Zoom Lens and the 16mm f/2.8 Pancake Lens. The Sony Alpha NEX 16mm f/2.8 lens is normally $249, but with this bundle it is only $99.