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Sony NEX Vertical Sweep Panorama

Whoa! We didn't know that the sweep panorama in the Sony NEX can be used vertically. Well now we do, why would you shoot horizontally?

Sony NEX DIY Canon EF Lens Adapter

Clarity-Rebirth from flickr has posted photos of his DIY Sony NEX E-mount to Canon EF Lens Adapter. The lens is currently not physically attached to the camera - it is hand held. He is working on the interface. The lens shown is the Canon EF 85mm f/1.8 USM.

Sony NEX-5 Silver with a Canon EF 85mm
Here's a sample image of the Sony NEX and Canon EF 85mm combo:

ISO 12,800 test

Sony NEX Leica M Adapter For Sale

We found the 1st source for the Sony NEX E-mount Leica M Lens Adapter. It is a Japanese company which specializes in metal work called Akira Seiki Co. Order information can be found on their website,

If you do place an order, make sure you specify what color Swarovski? crystal you want in your adapter. Red is the default color.

The silver Sony NEX Leica M Adapter is 15,000 Yen / around $170, and the black one is 16,000 Yen / around $181.

Sony NEX-5 with Carl Zeiss C Biogon T* 2,8/35 ZM

Sony NEX Leica LTM Adapter Voigtlander Lens

Sony NEX-5 with a Voigtlander 50mm f/2 Heliar
(Leica LTM M39 Screw Mount adapter)
Here is another Sony NEX E-mount to Leica LTM/M39/Screw Mount Lens adapter. The lens used is a Voigtlander 50mm f/2.0 Heliar M39 mount. The article from dc watch states that the lens adapter will cost 16,000 YEN or about $181. Unfortunately we do not know where to order this lens adapter yet. Stay tuned...

Here are some sample photos taken with the Sony NEX-5 and the Voigtlander 50mm f/2 Heliar combination:

Thanks dc watch.

Here is a Leica IIIf with the same lens.

Sony NEX Leica LTM L39 Lens Adapter Pre-Sale

Image from is pre-selling their Sony NEX to Leica Screwmount LTM Lens adapter.

from the bokkeh website:
L39-E-mount adapter currently is under production.

Product will be realy at early July, check the prototype image.It comes in black or silver to match your Sony NEX Camera. Check out for some sample images.

Here is an eBay auction for Sony NEX to Leica Screwmount LTM Lens adapters.

Click for more info on LTM Lenses.

Sony NEX-5 1080p Motion Video vs The Rest

Sony NEX M42 Lens Adapter on eBay

Another Sony NEX E-mount lens adapter is on eBay, this time it's the M42 lens adapter. Unfortunately there isn't a picture as it seems that the Adapter is not made yet. The seller states, "I plan on July 15 to deliver goods."

from the Sony NEX M42 Lens Adapter eBay auction:
M42 lens to Sony Nex5 Nex3 Nex7 Camera Adapter


for using Sony E-mount body with M42 Lenses You can mount your M42 lenses on your NEX3, NEX5, etc......
Turn on 'shoot without lens' to use MF lenses with adapters.
Use your LCD to Focus, only operated in manual focus mode (Auto Focus is impossible).
You can use MF assist function to focus accurately. (7x or 14x zoom focus)
Infinite focus is guarantee.
Use M or A mode to operate. (manual exposure and aperture priority exposure)
Made of Metal, Aluminium with black or silver Anodized (2 color)
Most Lens can mount, but be careful with retractable lenses

Made In Taiwan

Note: I plan on July 15 to deliver goods
The Sony NEX E-mount to M42 len…

Sony NEX-5 vs Sony A900 vs Pride Parade SF

terry from getdpi posted a nice side by side gallery of pictures taken with the Sony NEX-5 with the 18-55 kit lens and the Sony Alpha A900 at the San Francisco Pride Parade 2010. The NEX-5 looks to put up a good fight. Click on the image to see the gallery, some of the images maybe "not safe for work" (NSFW).

Sony NEX Contax G Lens Adapter on eBay

Kipon Contax G Lens Adapter on a Sony NEX-3 E-mountHere's another new manual lens adapter for the Sony NEX cameras. Kipon just released this E-mount to Contax G lens adapter for use on your Sony NEX-3 or NEX-5 camera. Kipon Adapter Contax G to Sony Alpha are now available on eBay or Amazon. The eBay auction states that the focus ring is "large diameter" compared to the tiny ones on the µ4/3 to Contax G adapters. This should make for easier and faster focusing on the Sony NEX system.

Here are the listed compatible lenses:
28mm/f2.8 Biogon T*
35mm F2 Planar T*35mm F2 Planar T*90mm F2.8 Sonnar T*

Sony NEX Tutorial Videos

Here are two helpful tutorial videos on how to use your new Sony NEX Camera. They're great teasers for those of us waiting to get our hands on the NEX-3 or NEX-5.

The first video covers the following topics:
NEX unboxing showing the contents.Charging the battery.Different body color and lens kit options.Turning on the camera.Menu buttons.Jog Dial.Setting the time.

This video covers the following topics:
Taking a photo.Shooting tips.Changing the lens.Attaching and removing the included external flash.Changing flash options.Background defocus.Sweep Panorama.Shooting movies.Viewing images and videos on the camera.Deleting photos.

Sony NEX-5 Sweep Panorama

Sony NEX-5 Sweep Panorama Pictures from Flickr!

Sony Europe shows us how to take a Sweep Panorama shot. Go to 3:39 to see how it's down. There are two size options with the 16mm Pancake lens, standard at 149° or 226° sweep angle.

Sony NEX Leica M Lens Adapter

What a beautiful combination

Here is the first? Leica M to Sony NEX E-Mount lens adapter. We don't read Japanese but it seems like this is custom made on a sankou seiki CNC machine - we could be totally wrong.

The lens attached to the Sony NEX-5 is the Leica 18mm F/3.8 Super-Elmar M Asph Lens, which is an effective 27mm lens on the NEX's 1.5x APS-C Sensor.

Check out dc impress for full size sample photos taken with the Sony NEX-5 and the Leica 18mm Super Elmar.

Sony NEX Shutter Release and Abuse

This is the shutter release curtain of the Sony NEX-5. The NEX-5 can do burst shooting of 7 frames per second. Look at that shutter abuse. :D

Sony Nex to Canon FD Lens Adapter on eBay

jinfinance, the µ4/3 lens adapter seller, is now offering Sony NEX E-Mount adapters. The 1st one from his stable is the Canon FD mount manual focus lenses.

We would love to see an image made with a Canon 85mm f1.2 FD lens on the Sony Nex.

Here are pictures of the FD lens adapters from the jinfinance eBay auction. They are also available through Amazon.

In order to use these, we are assuming, one must be in Aperture priority mode and the aperture of the lens must be operated manual. Manual focus with the aperture wide open and stop down before taking the shot.

We can't wait to see the other adapters that are on their way.

Sony Nex with Fisheye Conversion Lens

Here is a quick video using the 16mm lens with the Fisheye Conversion Lens, Part Number VCL-ECF1, on a Sony Nex 5. The Fisheye attachment has a 0.62x magnification which widens the view. As you can see most of the horizontal and vertical lines are curving.

Sony Nex User Manual

Here is the Sony Nex User Manual from the Sony Japan support website.

Here is an alternate download link.

File Hosting Online Storage Backup

Sony Nex Accessories Hands On

Here is the Sony Nex 5 and the it's available accessories so far:
Sony Nex 5 Part Number NEX-5K/S(ilver)External Flash (included in the Kit)
16mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle Lens Part Number SEL16F2818-55mm f/3.5-5.6 Zoom Lens Part Number SEL1855Fisheye Conversion Lens Part Number VCL-ECF1Compact Stereo Microphone Part Number ECM-SST1

Sony Nex 5 Built-in vs External Microphone

Here are two videos comparing the built-in microphone of the Nex 5 vs the external stereo microphone, ECM-SST1. Can you tell the difference?

Sony Nex 5 Built In Microphone

Sony Nex 5 External Microphone